Thursday, December 23, 2004

New here

Hi everybody, I just joined and started the cardi on Dec 16th - going slow because I suffer from knitting ADD. This is my first KAL - well, actually the second one I join, but we are starting to knit Mariah until February - and I hope this will keep me on track.
Friends call me Lu and I live in California - SF Bay Area, but I am originally from Italy, moved here 9 (gulp! nine years?) ago. I learned how to knit when I was 14 years old but I stopped when I moved here. I recently started again and I am out of control - projects lined up from now to next year.
As for the cardi, here is where I am:


I am using the Peruvian Highland Collection from Elann and I had to go up a needle size to get the correct gauge.


Blogger Tatjana said...

I love your colours, very pretty! It seems like quite a few of us are making pinkish-purplish cardis :-)

I'm loving my cardi so much already, I'm thinking of ordering yarn for a second one! And now that I know how much yarn I need (I bought a serious amount of skeins this time to make sure I had enough ... I'll likely have about 6+ skeins left!) it'll be pretty cheap :-)

5:10 PM

Blogger My Still Life said...

Welcome, Lu! I am so digging the colors you chose!

7:14 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Very pretty! I love these colour combinations too!

10:59 AM


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