Thursday, December 09, 2004

Plain Panel vs. Ribbed Version

Which one are people going for here? I'm thinking I'll be doing the panel version but I might still change my mind when I get there ... :-) The cardi is shown in the panel version, isn't it?
So far, I am still impatiently waiting for the yarn! I have hopes for Saturday, but I might not be able to pick it up before Monday.


Blogger superstahr said...


I'm making the plain panel version in the largest size. I thought that that smooth panel in the front might be a little more forgiving of my (ahem) ample shape. *smile*

5:02 PM

Blogger lekkercraft said...

I'm planning to do the panel version with the mock neck, though I'd like to see the mock neckline first. The picture shows the collar version, right? Or am i backwards....?

7:26 PM

Blogger Tatjana said...

I'm not sure which collar version I'll go for yet .... Thought I'd start with a more pressing question (panel vs. ribbing)! *g*

2:02 AM

Blogger strangelittlemama said...

I'm doing the version in the picture-- panel, no collar. It's driving me crazy to wait on this!!!

3:24 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm knitting the plain panel version - and now that I've got the whole back done, I'm really glad - it looks great! I love the combination of smooth stockinette and the side and bottom ribs. And as for the collar, I'm undecided - I was thinking about doing the mock neck, but am not sure... I will definitely post more about this as I get close to being done!

8:38 AM

Blogger Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

I'm making the ribbed version in the smallest size!

10:07 AM


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