Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Is this right?

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am making my cardi out of Elann Highland wool in Vista blue and Coffee Bean brown (in an attempt to match the sample). I have completed the entire back and left front panels. Though, I am suspicious that I did not do the neck decreases properly. This is my first sweater and I barely know what I am doing. Here is a photo of the left front, so the neck decreases are on the left side.

When the pattern says to cast off 5 (smallest size) on the neck side, does it mean to do this all in one row? I stretched this out over 5 rows because i somehow decided that this would make the correct number of stitches per row...or something like that... oh I don't know why I decided that must be right. but comparing to lcord's post , I think I did it wrong.

Should I redo the neck decreases?

The back turned out very nicely, and though I haven't blocked it I am happy that I chose the second-to-smallest size instead of the smallest size. I have a picture of the back at my blog .


Blogger Roxanne said...

Hi...cast off 5 means to cast off 5 in that one row on the neck side not space it over 5 rows. That's the start to the stepping decrease through the armhole. If you think of a sleeve, the biggest decrease should be under your arm and then will taper after that. Hope that helps.

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