Sunday, January 23, 2005

Next Questions

First, I ended up using sixe 10 and 10.5 needles, since I did get the gauge perfectly on the 10. So far it looks right, and feels right. I'll keep knitting until it either looks wrong, or someone tells me 10 seems too far off.

So I am working the back Finally. I was looking ahead at the armhole shaping and now have another question. Did I mention this is my first sweater? hehe

Anyhow, It says to bind off 10 st. at the begining of the next two rows. So row 1, I BO 10, then do I work the rest of the row as the sts appear?? I am thinking that's right, but wanted to ask before I actually get to that part.

Am I a blogger hog or what? :)



Blogger goodkarma said...

You got it! It's much easier to bind off at the beginning of a row, so when you get to that point, you'll bind off X stitches, and then work the rest of the row as the stitches appear. At the beginning of the next row, which is on the other side of the back panel, you'll bind off another X stitches, and work the rest of the stitches in that row.

Remember that after that, when you're doing decreases, they're all done on the right side (not wrong side).

Welcome to Sweaterville!!

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