Monday, January 03, 2005

what else are you knitting?

Is anyone else juggling more than one project? I started my cardi a couple days ago, but I am only about 4" up the back, because I'm also working on a lace-pattern scarf from Scarf Style for my MIL's birthday and a little hat from Last-Minute Gifts for a friend's new baby. Oh yeah, and then there's the job-- that interferes too, of course. Oh yeah, and the kids. I just need more time in a day!


Blogger Leisel said...

Oh, my... YES! I've got so many projects that I've got going, or about to be going, that my head is spinning.

Besides the Ribby... I just finished a Sophie bag (pics are up on my blog), and I'm about to do two more and a crocheted scarf and a feather & fan scarf and an oversized Booga bag, all of which are Christmas knitting (my Christmas gift to the ladies in my family was a catalog of things to choose from) and I want to do some thrummed mittens, too, for my dad's birthday, which is in just over a week (I'm not thinking they'll be done on time, as I'm still waiting for the yarn).

And that's only the stuff I need to be working on NOW. I have yarn for quite a few more projects, and so many that I'm just dreaming of doing that I don't know which way to go next.

11:30 PM

Blogger Cara said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

I've got a few things that languish on the needles - mainly a huge scarf/wrap thing and another scarf - I get to them when I feel like it or when I'm in between big things.

The Ribby Cardi isn't something I'm terribly anxious for - so I've decided it will be what I knit while my husband and I learn Spanish for half an hour each day. At first I was really gung ho about the Cardi, but then I had to completely rip out a finished back, and now it's taken kind of a back seat to some other stuff I'm knitting.

You're not alone in wanting more time!

5:46 AM

Blogger Cece said...

Right now, I only have 2 more projects (actively) going on. I was working on the Bpt cardi from Knitty - and put that on hold for Christmas present knitting and the Ribby Cardi, so while the Ribby was blocking, I picked that up again.

I'm also working on a hat... but while working on the Ribby I've done another hat, finished a vest for my husband and 2 scarves!

I can NEVER just have one project going on at once!

5:49 AM

Blogger Monica said...

I try to stick to one big project at a time because I'll never finish them if I don't. I've been trying to finish another sweater before starting the Ribby. I'm almost done with it so I should be swatching.

6:13 AM

Blogger katiedid said...

Yes. I'm also making an earflap hat to match a scarf I finished last week and last night started crocheting some fingerless gloves. I have four pairs of those to make and figure that will be my project when I'm at my son's karate class. The Ribby Cardi is my "home" project" for now.

Carole's right: if only I didn't have to go to work, I'd get so much more done!


6:31 AM

Blogger Scoutj said...

I'm just finishing up the handles on my mitered felty bag and I might whip up this cool hat I saw on someone's blog the other day with pippi's yarn.

6:47 AM

Blogger Princess Papaya said...

oh goodness--here is my vaguely embarrassing list of projects:

ribby cardi
backyard leaves scarf
wavy scarf
whitby socks for gramma
argyle mittens

about to start:
very talls socks for the knit along
monster slippers for a knit along
lace shawl
pair of socks for my other grandma
another ruffle scarf for my sister

and i've also been eyeing rogue :) I've already got the yarn and everything... and I bought some jo sharp mohair for yet another sweater!

there just isn't enough time to knit!

7:55 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

I just finished two scarves as I'm on holidays and of course, had to enhance my stash a little too...LOL is my blog where you can see my scarves.

9:53 AM

Blogger LeAnne said...

haha, more than one project? I don't even know how many projects I have going. Seriously I am the worst. Yeah, and that dang job thing...and my 11 year old also wants a sweater. Can't say no to that!!

2:35 PM


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