Friday, February 25, 2005

I finished my Ribby!

I actually finished all the blocking and seaming a few weeks back, but I only just put the zipper in. This was a great knit, I really enjoyed knitting it. I wish I had made it a size smaller, but it'll be fine as it is.
Now I just have to wait until it gets cold enough to wear it! Here in Sydney, we're having hot weather, so I shan't be able to wear Ribby for ages yet :(

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Blogger Scoutj said...

I love it! It's always so weird to think that you have opposite weather to us!

6:04 AM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Very nice Donna! Looks great on you!

9:29 AM

Blogger strangelittlemama said...

looks great! Think of it this way-- you'll have room to layer!

10:04 AM

Blogger Lu said...

You and the cardi look great!

10:54 AM

Blogger goodkarma said...

Oh pretty! I love your color combo. Nice job!

7:49 PM

Blogger kellyt said...

Great job! I love the colors you chose!

6:45 PM

Blogger Beverly Barton said...

Great job! Are you the only one withh a too-big ribby? I made it a size larger than usual for my daughter and it's real body-hugging! Who put the zipper in for you?

5:29 AM


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