Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Where I'm at... and a question.

This is a picture from yesterday morning...

I had the back of Ribby finished to the 14" required, and all the other pieces finished through an entire skein of yarn each (which, coincidentally, is roughly the same length(I took the picture at an angle, so the back looks shorter and the sleeves look longer in comparison than they really are):

Ribby Pieces Posted by Hello

I compared the back to another shirt I have, and I decided to add an inch to the length after all. As of now, I've added that extra inch and done the armhole shaping and all the decreases, and I'm left with a question...

After the final decrease row... do you bind off purlwise on the very next row, or do you do a final WS row and then bind off knitwise?

Oh, and PS... my blog has moved to a new address.


Blogger Kim said...

If I remember right I did a final WS row.. but I don't really remember for sure.. : /

Your pieces look great though.. Even at an angle : )

10:07 AM


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