Friday, May 20, 2005

Zipper Time..

Howdie : )

Just thought I'd check in with an update.

I've been following Bonne's zipper installing directions to the letter so far.. I have the zipper basted on the sweater and it looks... pretty ok. I don't know for sure if I did it exactly right because I can kinda see the zipper teeth when it's zipped up.. and she says you shouldn't be able to at all. But I might also be too fussy.

I've pretty much decided to try machine sewing it.. I am even more convinced now that I am a crappy hand sewer. I've also decided if I don't like how it turns out.. I'll rip it out again and take it to a seamstress. I wish I could be more confident about this whole thing.

Hopefully I'll have a finished product soon.


Blogger Renada said...

I agree--I've decided to buy a sewing machine, just so I can do it myselkf--if yoo can, post pics, it'll be great to see how you do it.

4:30 PM

Blogger Kim said...

I followed Bonne Marie's directions, and suprizingly the sewing machine manual helped a TON with that end of it.. I personally highly recomend the Brother sewing machines you can get at Wal*Mart..

As for pictures.. my blog has detailed pictures of my zipper installed.. but not of me installing it.

7:32 PM


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