Monday, June 06, 2005

Sleeves In The Round..

Yes.. it can be done! I just had to share this.. I'm incredibly happy having sleeves without a seam running down them.. I basically took the pattern, and subtracted two stitches from the cast on row.. then I joined the round.. and knitted the sleeve.. Then when it came time to bind off for the sleeve cap.. I started a round, and bound off 8 stitches at the end of the round, but continued binding off for 8 more stitches into the next round.. Then I started knitting flat, and all the decreases worked out and it looks just like the regular sleeve.. just no seam! Woo!

Please note: I did not follow the entire pattern for the sleeves, I didn't knit them tapered like the pattern says (I began with 62 sts and knitted them straight.) so I am not totally sure if it still works in that way.. but I would assume that if you subtract 2 stitches from everything up to the bind offs, it should work out. I did follow the pattern for the sleeve caps in their entirety though (Minus 2 bindoff stitches, for a total of 16), and I know it works out.


Blogger Leisel said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing your success.

- Leisel

7:09 AM

Blogger pdxkatie said...

I am just about to start my sleeves and can't wait to try them in the round!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!

10:13 AM


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