Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Second Ribby (Planning Stages)

Howdie : )

Yes... It's true.. I'm making my second ribby.. Thanks to eBay I've already gotten my yarn and I'm in serious planning stages right now.. I'll probably cast on tonight or tomorrow morning..

I completed my swatch today and thankfully I'm still on gauge with the same yarn and needles that I used for my first ribby.

Rowan's All Seasons Cotton in Regal

Differences in store:
  • All one color
  • Mostly seamless (Sleeves done in round, body done in one piece)
  • Mock Turtleneck collar

  • So that's what I have planned so far... Hopefully it'll go as well (or better!) as my first : ) The only thing concerning me is that I'll get bored with knitting with the same color so much.. but it's such a gorgeous color.. so hopefully that won't happen.


    Blogger amber said...

    I have some All Seasons Cotton in a dark green color... hmmm might have to be a ribby. Mine is an Ebay buy as well :)

    3:05 PM

    Blogger littlewren said...

    Hello! I haven't yet figured out how to post to the main "ribby knit along" site but I have been watching/reading with interest as I've decided to knit the ribby as my first ever sweater! I'd love to hear from other sweater-virgins to see how difficult/easy you've found the ribby and any helpful advice would be appreciated!
    Kate Rau

    8:14 AM

    Blogger Kim said...

    If you'll send me an email (it's on the front page under the picture of the Ribby Cardi logo on the right side) I'll send you an invitation through blogger so that you can post on the main page..

    My first ribby was my first sweater and it went REALLY smoothly.. so I do recommend it as a first sweater.. The only thing I can tell you that I wish someone had told me is: Make sure you buy enough yarn, especially if you're making the sleeves in a different color.. The sleeves and collar seem to use up ALOT more yarn than you anticipate.. My smallest size one ended up using 5 balls of sleeve color, and I think 7 of body color.. Just take your time and follow the directions.. if you get stuck ask questions.. it'll go fine! : )

    4:15 PM


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