Wednesday, June 29, 2005

On the armhole shaping...

I'm on the back part, and even though I've gotten reinforcement from someone who is my same size and just did this pattern, I'm having a really hard time believing I've got the armhole shaping on the back piece directions right. K2, ssk, do whatever, k2tog, k2...but only every other row, and 2o times. And then some other stuff. So over 40 rows of armhole shaping.

Just please, tell me I'm not crazy. As you can probably tell, I've never made a sweater or shaped an armhole before.


Blogger Leisel said...

Yes, it's over 40 rows of shaping, although I would only characterize the bind-off as actual armHOLE shaping.

The decreases you describe are what creates the nice angle between the arm and the body piece.

I've been meaning to post my progress... I'll do so and hope the pictures give a better idea of what I'm talking about.


6:39 PM

Blogger danserz said...

I think you are confusing a set in sleeve shaping with a raglan sleeve shaping. The Ribby has raglan sleeves, which are angled all the way up to the neck. That's why they are shaped all the way up, to create the angle. Just follow the directions exactly and all will be well... it works.

8:25 AM


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