Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I've been a slacker about posting...

I've meant repeatedly to post my progress, and somehow I just always make it to the END of the day without having accomplished that.

So, without any further ado, I present Ribby Cardi...

... in pieces.

I do need to do some sort of blocking so I can seam her up. But, I'm having trouble finding a place to accomplish that goal (and... um... it doesn't help that I'd gotten way, WAY behind on laundry, and have been having to play catch up in anticipation of our summer vacation).

Although, seriously... how much blocking do I need to do? The pieces turned out pretty uniform. The sleeves, maybe need to be blocked out a LITTLE, especially at the top, but I've lost some weight since I started the sweater, and I don't need any more ease in the rest of the pieces than what I've got. So, do I need to do a wet block with pins, or a wet block patted out, or a steam block (I suppose that might require pins, I dunno), or just forget it altogether and start seaming that sucker up?

For jenna... do you see what I was trying to describe in my comment?


Blogger *jenna said...

Yes, thank you! I really love this sweater, and I've put so much time into it, that I'd hate to be doing it wrong.

7:18 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

It's a pretty easy pattern to follow. This will be my first sweater (assuming I get around to finishing it ).

The only thing I would suggest is to make sure that you purl the first and last 3 stitches on the wrong side. I started out trying to do it in pattern, as I'd previously established it, and that just looks bad. I would also suggest purling the first and last 4 on the WS row BEFORE your first decreases. I think that by not doing so I ended up with that same not quite right look on that row (it probably doesn't matter that much... it's right by the seaming underneath the arms, so it's well hidden, but I'm a perfectionist, so I notice).

- Leisel

9:43 PM

Blogger Kim said...

I think you should atleast block the edges down flat so that seaming is easier.. You'll be glad you did : )

As for the rest of it.. if you like the way it looks now, go with it the way it is. You could always block it out later if you want it that way.

9:44 AM


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