Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Concerned about sleeve length

Hi, I was just wondering - what point on your arm should the sleeve reach/how long should it be before you start the shaping? I'm concerned because my yarn isn't as thick as I had hoped and I don't know if it came out to the right proportions, and I'd rather add rows before the shaping than have to pick up stitches later.



Blogger goodkarma said...

You're asking about underarm shaping, right? The sleeve measurement is generally from your underarm to your wrist. You should measure the sleeve of a beloved sweater and continue knitting until you reach that length. Then start binding off/decreasing for the top of the sleeve.

... I think that's what you're asking... :)

9:18 AM

Blogger Kim said...

The way the sweater is designed, the sleeve should reach right to the end of your wrist.. but not onto your hand.

I don't like sleeves like this so I lengthened mine quite a bit.. now whenever someone sees my cardi (When I'm not wearing it) they say "The sleeves look SO LONG!" but I like em that way : )

9:18 AM

Blogger danserz said...

I knit the sleeves a couple of inches longer than they were suppossed to be, too. I like them a little long, esp since they are so fitted. I knit my sleeves in the round, so I could keep trying them on as I knit. I continued straignt until I reached pretty close to my armpit. Then I bound off for the armhole, and began the raglan shaping.

9:03 AM


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