Thursday, August 25, 2005 Special Offer For Us.

Howdie : )

Well yesterday I got an interesting email from the guy who runs He apparently read an old post about how displeased someone was with a zipperstop order and he told me that our group can buy zippers for our Cardis with FREE shipping. (The shipping was holding a lot of us back from ordering through them, so this is a great deal.)

Here is the email he sent me:

Good evening

I was reading your blogs on your site.

We at are not greedy. If you need zippers please call us at 888-947-7872.

If you mention your group, shipping is on me.

We normally charge about $2.95 for bubble envelope and $4.95 for priority mail.

Hope this helps.

Have a great nite!


PS we are a YKK distributor and ship worldwide and do NOT have any complaints. Sorry if you were not happy. We will make you and your group happy!

In a follow-up email he said to ask for him (Jeff Fiebusch) when calling to order a zipper to get this free shipping deal. Mention that you're in the Ribby Cardi Knit-A-Long and say that Kim sent you.

I just wanted to let yall know about this so you can get the zipper you want.

Happy knitting (And zippering) : )


Blogger Lu said...

wow, that's so nice of him!
I already finished my cardi a long time ago and I bought my zipper from them. I was very happy with their product and service. My only complain was that they have so much stuff to choose from!

2:29 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

wow, just in time for my second completed ribby! thanks for posting this!

5:31 AM

Blogger Lynette said...

how cool is that! thanks for sharing, and thanks jeff for the free shipping!

8:21 AM

Anonymous Lou said...

I ordered US$208.50 worth of stuff from Zipper Stop and was charged US$40.00 shipping to Australia, via FEDEX.

Unfortunately Jeff Feibusch dispatched it to an Australian address 1300 miles from where I live.

Does he communicate? NO
Is he going to fix it? NO
... and where does that leave me? well ... $208.50 poorer

2:59 AM


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