Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Long over due update

Just thought I would give you guys an update on my ribby.

I got my order from elann only to discover that I had reversed my colors when ordering and ordered more of the arm color than the body. I was afraid it might look weird with blue arms and brown body, so I took some of the other colors that I ordered to make purses with and just striped the whole thing. It's not really my style at all, but very trendy according to my nieces. It's very very retro looking- striped greens, browns, and blues. I'll probably give it to one of my nieces who are the same size as me.

So, it started off on the wrong foot because of the colors and then...I was going to knit the body all together and after thorough thought and calculations I decided I needed to cast on the left side first. Only to discover two days into it that I should've casted on the right side first. So I ripped. From that point it has been smooth. I have become great friends with my crochet hook because for some reason I cannot seem to maintain the ribbing pattern correctly for more than a few rows. Did you know you could reverse a stitch 20 rows back? Well, you can. And practice does make perfect. It's just a shame I can only perfect repairing mistakes and not remaining in pattern.

I am about halfway through the dec's and cannot seem to find any time to work on the darn thing. It appears that this part is going well except for once on the whole thing, I remained in pattern which means I have a couple of purls on the cast off edge instead of all knits. I am not going to frog though because I have cut my yarn for the striping through out the dec's and I would rather throw the whole thing away than deal with that mess. Maybe I can somehow cover up those few mistakes when it's all done.

Fits perfect too...at least to this point.


Blogger Kim said...

Oh man! I'd love to see a picture of what you have so far.. the stripes sound great! You might end up really liking it when it's done.. you never know!

11:49 AM


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