Thursday, December 09, 2004

Question about pattern...

Hi all,

I think (hope) it's ok for me to post this much of the pattern here. I have a question about the beginning of the pattern. What I have says cast on for back... Row 1 (WS):
K2, *[P2,K2]....; *[P3, K1]... Should that P3, K1 actually be K3, P1? I'm asking because in the pattern where I cast on for the front it says K3, P1 and this P3, K1 is looking kinda wonky, LOL!

-Stacey :)


Blogger superstahr said...

Nevermind! I just figured out that I'm starting with the wrong side of the garment, not the right side. That makes all the difference!

-Stacey :)

4:56 PM


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