Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Just a few things I wanted to share...

I'm about 9-10" into the back of my Ribby. It's going along pretty smoothly. I'm glad I've read everyone posts so I knew to check the sizing to make sure it would fit. I didn't even bother with 7's and went right into Addi 8's. I'm doing the size 38 and would be so sad if it didn't fit! The other thing I did was measured another cardi I have that looks like this:

Old Navy Cardi

This is a good 15" before the decreases and I'm going to do that with my Ribby. (Instead of the recommended 13") I think the arms are long on it too so I'll do similar measurments on my Ribby since I like how this purple cardi fits me. If anyone wants any other measurements from it I can do that too.

Finally, here is mine so far with a better picture of my yarn. I hope to get a bunch more done today!

Ribby as of 1/4/05


Blogger strangelittlemama said...

What's all this yelling at me not to get ahead of you??!!
I wish I had it eady to finish by the time I got there-- I need your sewing machine skills for the zipper!

10:15 AM


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