Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Long-Tail Cast-on it is

I knew I wouldn't be happy just guessing which to use, so I swatched each of the cast-on methods I was thinking of.

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From top to bottom, we have the tubular cast-on, the cable cast-on, and the long-tail cast-on.

The stretchiness of the cast-on edge also goes from top to bottom, and although the long-tail cast-on is not nearly as stretchy as the others, it's still rather stretchy.

For my swatches, the tubular cast-on just looks so loose and messy. I don't like it at all. Knitting off the cable cast-on gave me looser ribbing than knitting off the long-tail cast-on. Admittedly, I was having trouble with tension while I knitted it. For some reason, despite this being my 3rd swatch of the ribbing, I couldn't keep any tension on my yarn while I knit, and I have no idea why.

I had to do the long-tail method twice. The first time, I did the first row after the cast-on in the 2x2 rib, but started with the wrong side, since the long-tail method essentially gives you a first knitted row. I didn't like the ribbing coming right to the edge of the fabric, so I re-did it with that first row just being a purl row, and then starting on the 2x2 rib after that. The edge looks much more professional.

In the end, the swatch I did with the long-tail cast-on just plain looks the best, so that's what I'll use for my Ribby Cardi.

And although my swatches might turn out different than anyone else's, I hope this little experiment might be helpful to others, as well.

- Leisel


Blogger Monica said...

Not to add more work for you but did you try a knitted cast-on and knit the ribbing onto the needles as you went along? I wonder if that would look any different?

12:39 PM

Blogger Scoutj said...

I did the long-tail cast on too and like how it looks.

12:42 PM

Blogger Leisel said...

I've done knitted cast-on before... I don't remember it being very stretchy, though, so I didn't try that one here.

I'm a new enough knitter that I don't have any idea how to knit the ribbing directly onto the needles during cast-on... maybe I could figure it out, but I've never seen it mentioned before.

1:07 PM

Blogger KarenK said...

I agree with what you did: the long-tail cast-on and using the "reverse" side from what the directions say to do. I followed the directions and it looks okay, but next time will reverse the right side/wrong side as you did.

9:04 PM

Blogger Roxanne said...

Thanks Leisel for trying out all the different cast-on methods! I ended up with the long-tail because that's what I know but it's great to see the comparisons too!

10:07 AM


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