Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thanks, Jess!

For suggesting I spit splice that wayward end. I'd been nervous to try that before, because I read somewhere someone who'd done it say it made a stiff lump. I figure that she either overdid it, or there was just too much yarn, so when I did it, I cut each of the plies to different lengths, so except for small bits, there was really still 3 plies all through the join. It was a pain to do, but the rubbing it on your jeans to felt it really did the job. I was amazed... I could tug the two ends of the yarn rather hard and it stayed together just fine. And, I'd dare anyone to find where I'd done it.

Oh, and for all the pain it was, it was definitely easier than weaving in ends.


Blogger Jessimuhka said...

Yay! I'm glad it worked for you! I've been spit splicing my entire sweater, and another sweater I'm working on because I hate weaving in ends.

10:44 PM


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