Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just joined!

I feel like I am coming so late to the party... but I decided to knit the Ribby Cardi as my first sweater. I know that I will need a virtual hand throught this. I have read through most of this blog, there is a lot of useful information here.
I plan to knit the plain panel version and I'm using Peruvian Highland in Celadon and Nutmeg Heather (see, follow the pattern...) After playing around with color I kept coming back to those colors, thay have a retro fell that I love, and I keep seeing it around, so I know it's calling to me. I am tempetd to knit the front and back panels as one piece, I noticed a few of those on here, but that might be too difficult for me. If it turnes out well, I may make one for my dh.

I can't wait to get started, I have the yarn, I swatched last night, I got gage with my size 7 needles, which are being used for a scarf right now, so I will have to finish that first. I hope to cast on next week.
So I hope there are others still out there, I look forward to sharing the experience.
Oh yeah, I am knitting the 42/43 size, I don't want it to be too tight or too short.

If I want to lengthen it, I should do it before the underarm increases. right?

Also, what kind of cast on should I use?

That's it for now!



Blogger Kim said...

Hey there : )

Yes you should lengthen it before the underarm decreases..

I don't know what other cast-ons have been used.. but I used the long tail cast on.

Love the Celadon color! I couldn't find the nutmeg heather.. I guess they sold out of that one..

Knitting it all in one piece isn't horribly hard.. but just know that if it doesn't work out.. frogging is ok and you can start again : )

11:46 AM

Blogger Tori said...

I'm knitting it in one piece and did get a bit confused "setting" the first row. I got the right and left confused but noticed before getting too far. Celedon is a nice color that compliments so many other colors. I didn't get very far on mine before stopping to work on Holiday Gifts but plan to work on it after the Holiday (or I'm done with gifts). Welcome and Take care!

6:24 PM

Anonymous Leisel said...

I swatched a few different cast-ons before I decided on the long-tail cast-on. Here's the post where I showed the swatches:


If you want to add the 0 row like I did, just take your pattern, read the instructions from row 1 backwards, substituting knits for purls and vice versa. If that doesn't make sense, email me (sagebrush @ gmail dot com), and I can walk you through it.

And here's a post where someone else showed a tubular cast-on:


The link to the instructions for the tubular cast-on she used doesn't work anymore, though. The best tubular cast-on instructions I've found are in The Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley. She has one for 2x2 rib, but I don't think it would translate for the 3x1 rib... my best bet would be just to do the tubular cast-on for stockinette, and then start the ribbing pattern after you have that set up.

8:01 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

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10:21 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks, Leisel. that was very helpful.
I will probably use the long tail, it's what I know.

A good tutorial for tubular cast on can be found here (I tried to link, but it does not work):

10:34 AM


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