Saturday, December 17, 2005

A little progress

Ribby Cardi update:

I am making the ribbed version and doing the back and sides in one piece. It is about 9 inches long so far. I love this yarn. It is the new Sierra Aran from Elann in the color Mallard. I plan to do the sleeves in jasper which is a darker green color. Although I have been thinking about ordering more of the Malllard and making it one color...hmm...wonder how pratical interchangeable sleeves would be???...NAHH


Anonymous Leisel said...

Thanks for the review of the yarn. I want to use this yarn for a Rogue.

I just hope it holds up a little better than the Peruvian Highland Wool does.

10:03 PM

Blogger danserz said...

I knit my Ribbys in one piece, too. It goes so fast that way, dontcha think?

7:50 AM


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