Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a knitter's nightmare

when you've finished your Ribby Cardi, and you love it so much and wear it everywhere... DON'T wear it out for a night of drinking on the town for a friend's birthday. DON'T take it off when you get warm in the bar. and DON'T accidentally leave it behind when you leave for the night.


Blogger Kim said...

Oh how sad : ( Maybe someone will find it and hear your plea? You should call the bar and see if they have it... that is... if you remember which bar it was : P

Sorry.. I make bad jokes when something sad happens.. but really you should try to hunt it down.. But if you can't find it... you could.. always... knit another? It could be better and more ribby-ie than before.. You can rebuilt it.. you can make it perfect. (I read your blog and saw that you weren't happy with some things about it.)

10:53 AM

Anonymous jessica~ said...

Oh, no!! That is something I'd totally do.

:( did you call around to the bars?

11:33 AM


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