Saturday, February 11, 2006

Help me!!!! I've lost my mind!!!!

So, I put my cardi down for awhile and picked it up again a few days ago. I didn't bother to look at the instructions for a refresher cuz I knew what I was doing. Yeah right.

I am knitting all the panels together and I have begun my dec's. Well, my first mistake was I reversed my ssk's and my k2tog's. O.k., no problem, I'll just rip out those 18 rows and start again. When I get about 12 rows back on, I remember, as I am ssking k2ing and k2tog and k2ing, that on the main body I didn't do the last stitches because they were for the seam. So here's where I am confused. As I am doing the decreases and the panels are seperated, do I go ahead and do the last k2's on each one after the dec stitches? Does that make sense?

I wrote all of this out on a print out of the instructions before I started, but alas, I cannot find it now. So I have absolutely no idea. It looks nice the way I have done it and it fits when I slip it on, but I am afraid that when I try to attach the sleeves it won't be right.


Anonymous jessica~ said...

I'm not too sure about what you are asking but here is my take...

Yes, you still want to K2 at each end of the decreases so that your decreases are two stiches in from the end. Does this make sense?

If you have finished it and like how it looks then knit up the sleeves and see how they fit. If it doesn't look right I'd go back and fix the body panel. Is this what you were asking?
Good luck!

7:05 AM

Blogger AmyV said...

Yes, that's exactly what I was asking. I had already started doing the dec's when I put it down and I couldn't tell if I did the dec's at the very end or went ahead and dec'd then k2.

I think I did the first part of dec's wrong because where I started the dec's again with the dec then k2, it looks much neater. So now I know that I did not do that at the beginning of the dec's. Gosh, does that make sense?

I am going to go ahead and finish this one because I am striping it and cut all the yarn already so it would just be too much to rip all of the dec's out.

I believe that when I started the whole project knitting back and sides together, I took out all of the k2's and p2's on the lf, rf, and both sides of back. Now I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have. I thought they were all for the seam. Or maybe I just should've added that step back when I started the dec's.

Gosh, reading through that sounds like a bunch of garble. I really like knitting this cardi and would really like to try it again so I hope I can figure it all out. I will get some pictures of what I have done up and maybe you can see what I did wrong. Thanks for your help.

10:09 AM

Anonymous jessica~ said...

Hi Amy,
I only removed the seam allowances on the back -not the left and right fronts. If it fits and looks good then keep it -expecially if you've cut all that yarn. If it's going to bug you and you won't wear it then I recommend you fix it.

I like this pattern too but have found that I needed to add an inch to the body PLUS a few extra rows to the armhole depth. I guess I have pretty big shoulders. I knit my first one in pieces. I much prefer knitting the body in one piece.

Good luck! Keep us posted!

8:35 AM

Blogger AmyV said...

I did remove all of them. And then I thought the dec instructions were speaking of the same stitches, but as you know, it was not.

I did rip it all out back to the beginning of the dec's and this time I did exactly what the instruc. said. I decided it was not going to be good for my self esteem to have anything only half right. It looks so much better now. I tried it on without the sleeves and it seems to fit fine. I did make one size larger than what I thought I would really need though. I am going to cast on for the sleeves tonight and hopefully I can figure out how to do them in the round.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much...

btw, the yarn was a total pain to piece back together, but it's over now!!!

7:53 PM


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