Sunday, January 29, 2006

Progress at long last!

Here is my sweater so far. I can't wait to block it.

I am afraid it is going to be too big, though.
To those of you that have knitted this sweater before: is that area from the neck to the armhole too long?
It seems to me, that it's about 1.25" too long.
What sort of problems can I expect when I try to attach the sleeve? Am I going to have bat wings? yikes!
(The width is fine, however...)

Any thoughts of advice?
I've started the sleeves...


Blogger Kim said...

From what I notice.. when you block.. the area you're concerned about being too long fixes itself because you block it wider, so it becomes shorter.. If that makes sense.. maybe.. lol.

But basically as long as your sleeves match.. I wouldn't worry about it : )

6:15 PM


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