Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Intro and progress

Thought I'd hop in and introduce myself and post my progress. I actually started the cardi a month ago and was hoping to have it finished by last weekend for hubby's birthday, but that didn't happen. Not enough hours in the day!

I'm currently working on the sleeves simultaneously and am just about to the point of the first increases. Hopefully I can get this finished by the 24th (my birthday) so I can cast on a new project. Next one is for me! I started blocking the back and fronts this evening. I have to find a better way to do this. The hand steamer I have is not the greatest. Maybe I'll pick up a new one for my birthday! You can find me and my misadventures here.



Anonymous Melissa said...

Looks good , so far! What kind of steamer are you using?

7:45 PM

Blogger Bunnie said...

Thanks! It's a handheld Sunbeam steamer. I think it's intended to steam garments that are hanging on hangers and not flat on tables. It doesn't put out enough steam or very localized steam. On top of that, it drips superhot water when it's used flat.

9:11 AM


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