Saturday, March 11, 2006

Greetings from a New Place : )

Hello there,

My husband and I just moved into our first apartment! (Say it with me, "Awww.")

But really that's not what I'm here for.. lol. The point is that I'm a little behind on things (And moving is the reason) and I'd like a favor from you guys..

Please look at the members list down the side of the blog and make sure that your name is there how you want it, and that it links to wherever you want it to link to (Your blog, or site, or nothing if you have neither of those things)

If your name is wrong or is missing please leave a note in the comments on this entry and I'll fix it for you : )

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous Leisel said...


My name is linked to my blogspot site, which I don't use anymore.

If it could be linked to my typepad site, that would be preferable.

5:13 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Done : )

10:38 AM

Blogger Helen said...


My name is missing, but I also joined a year ago. I'm starting my cardi today. :)



6:51 AM


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