Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Neck edge revisited

I've finished knitting up all the pieces and put them together to start blocking, however this is when I noticed that neither my right or left front neck edge is long enough when I attach it to the back piece. I ripped back to where I started binding off on the neck edge and now it's too long. Sigh. This neck edge is giving me such grief. How is everyone doing the neck edge and arm decreases? When you get to the last few stitches you can't decrease both at the same time anymore so do you only decrease once? Any suggestions?



Blogger Ricki said...

Wanted everyone to know - that after reknitting the neck edge for the front sections twice - I finally emailed the author and asked her what I was doing wrong. Here is my email and her response - so you cannot do both types of decreases when you get to the end!

>> textfield: I have a question about the armhole decreases at the top
> of the ribby cardi - LEFT front.
>> The instructions say:
>> Neck Shaping: While continuing to work armhole shaping decrease
> until total number of DECs = total number of back DEC's (24 for
> XS) .... start neck shaping by binding off 5 sts at neck edge (I'm
> doing the XS size). Then DEC 1 st at neck edge every RS row 5 more
> times.
>> I interpreted this that
>> 1) The first RS row I do K2,SSK on armhole side, and bind off 5 sts
> at neck edge.
>> 2) The next RS row I do K2, SSk on armhole side, and DEC 1 on neck
> edge.
>> 3) I repeat row 2 until I only have 1 stitch left on the needle.
>> Is that correct?
>> My problem is that when I have 5 stitches on my neede. I cannot do
> K2,SSK at one end and also do a DEC on the other end.
>> What am I doing wrong?
>> Ricki

You are correct! Try doing a K3tog to do the double decrease at the
> very end. You will have one stitch left, which is what you're going for.
> Cheers,
> Bonne Marie

4:14 PM

Blogger katiedid said...

thanks for the clarification! i might have a couple extra stitches due to this but i'll wait until i finish the back to see how it all fits together.


8:24 PM


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