Sunday, January 08, 2006

I need to be stopped.

I'm all set to go buy 8 balls of Patons Classic Merino to make the Mariah jacket from Knitty. I just bought 3 balls of Patons Divine to start a sweater, then realized for the sole size it was offered in (32 inch bust stretched over my 36) and the needles I'd have to use to get it to gauge would make it look even worse/more indecent when stretched. So, I'm set to have at least 11 balls of hope filling up the recently cleared out stash bin. And by cleaned out, I mean, I used one small ball to knit a scarf. It's progress!

It's just such a pretty sweater.....


Anonymous Leisel said...

LOL... 1 step forward, 11 steps back. Sounds like me!

8:30 AM

Blogger Talavaria said...

Ooh, the Mariah cardigan is next on my list too! I just have to finish my Ribby first. Sorry to hear about the other pattern! I usually have the opposite problem-- they don't come small enough for me!

10:17 AM


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