Sunday, September 25, 2005

Zipper Length?

We'll, I'm in the process of seaming the pieces together. I guess it's time to take the next step and.....(gulp!) order the zipper. I'm making the smallest size so the fronts are 19.5 in. in length. Should I order a custom length or go for a standard 18 in? Also, what works best: the 2-way zipper or the closed zipper? Should the closed zipper be "customized" to fit the length of the garment?

(Sigh!) So many questions for a Sunday morning....




Blogger Kim said...

What kind of collar are you going to put on your ribby? This makes a difference in the length. (Atleast, in my mind it does.. if I were doing the mock turtle I'd want the zipper to go the whole length.)

I haven't tried a 2 way zipper but the ones I saw at the fabric store seemed really difficult to unzip and zip..

You do not want a closed zipper... you want an open ended zipper if you're not going with the 2 way.

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