Saturday, April 30, 2005

Zipperstop NOT

I was hugely disapointed in the zipper I received from zipperstop - $6.70 later it arrived, wrong color and too bulky. I didn't want to pay for any more shipping charges for a $2.00 item, I decided to go see what Joanne's had to offer. Lo and behold, they had a ton of zippers, and one that even matched my mustard body perfectly. $1.59. great. SO, I get home, and realize I had purchased a closed end zipper

SO I decided to check out the local mom and pop fabric store a half a mile away (and today in front of the store was a Harley convention!), and oh my God, they had racks and racks of separating zippers, in every color of the rainbow. I was really wishing I had my camera.

I now have a nutmeg brown 15" zipper, will be alittle short, but I will leave the bottom 3 inches of the sweater open, kind of like a permanent two-way zipper ya'll have. Ribby is soooo close to being done!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Collar Complete....


Yes I think I've finnally done it... After atleast 3 times of ripping out the entire collar I think I finnally have it the way I want it.. (and if I decide it isn't.. I'll be switching to the mock turtleneck version.)

Picking up the stitches in the right spots was somewhat of a trial for me. I wasn't aware that you had to begin picking them up at the start of the band until I read the responses on the previous post... No big deal though.. I also ended up not knitting the full 5.5 inches... That big of a collar on me looked pretty silly when I tried it on..

Now all I need is a zipper....

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Collar time

I'm at the point now where I'm picking up the stitches around the neck for the collar. Do I start picking them up at the very beginning of the two-row of the seed stitch band, or do I start where the original front panel starts? Can't tell from the photos of finished ribbys. Also, how come that two-row seed stitch panel looks so flat now, when in all the photos of the finished ribby, it looks more rounded?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Block/Stretch Sleeves

Has anyone block-stretched the sleeves like Bonnie showed on her complete ribby notes page? I didn't block them at all, and I'm getting ready to sew them together. I do in fact have long skinny arms, but can't tell if the finished sleeves will be too tight or not.

What's up with, looks like they're revamping their web site...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Front Panels

I'm at the point where I pick up stitches on the front panels. It says to pick up 91, and so, if I pick up every 3-4 stitches, this can't be right because I only have a total of about 120 rows. HELP.


I'm beginning my fronts after having completed the rib-all-over back. I'm thinking of doing the plain panel fronts just to make sure it's a bit roomier. Has anyone else done the ribbed back and plain fronts?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Rusty Risk?


I've never blocked anything before and from what I've read, the pins rusting can be an issue.. How much of an issue is this? Would pins rust from just misting the fabric? Should I go and buy special pins that claim they won't rust? What about the plastic ones? I'm nearly to the blocking step so I thought I'd ask before it was too late.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I'm finished,ribcardiDONE2 and its not just my 2 way zipper thats making me love this sweater. I go on & on about it on my blog, so go there if you want to hear more.

I'm waiting for my fronts! Posted by Hello

Woohoo! A Finished Back!

We had an unusually quiet and lazy Sunday afternoon at our house, and I finally finished by Ribby back! I quickly got out my handy blocking board and discovered the back was too long! I ended up taking out the last several rows at the top and working the last two decrease rows next to each other rather than "every other RS row" and it came out fine. I think I was off just a tad on my row gauge, which made a difference over the whole piece. Now I'm going to cast on for both fronts at the same time and see how that works. I've only done that once before when I wanted to make sleeves at the same time. Hopefully my picture will post and you can see my handiwork!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who Knew?

Who knew that when I remodeled my kitched three years ago, that my lowered marble baking area would someday also be used for the perfect blocking area! I'm getting closer, but have a question about "picking up stitches" on the fronts. I know there are more than 91 stiches/rows up the front, how do I do this? Here's the back and two fronts.

Friday, April 15, 2005

2nd Ribby Cardi

Originally uploaded by carmelnap.
Well, here is the start of my second Ribby .I actually finished this about a month ago but stalled on the project. I am only now getting back into it, after many distractions. I am doing it in Elann's Ink and Teal. OriginallY the arms were going to be in brown, but I decided that it just didn't go and would be to boring. So I ordered more yarn from elann. So while waiting for that yarn to come I started the front panels.

My Sleeves.. My Poor Poor Sleeves..

Howdie again..

Well I finished one sleeve... but my second sleeve is nearly done and I can't finish it for a while. : ( I ran out of yarn. I'm so not happy about this.. I don't know when I'll be able to go and get more. : (

I'm going to start on my fronts now.. and maybe I'll feel better later.

I posted pictures at my blog, if yall want to see.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A photo of my ribby

I'm slowly figuring out the process of posting text and pictures! Here's what I have completed so far on my ribby. Progress is slow, but it's fun to work on.
The back of my cardi up to the armhole decreases. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005


I started my ribby a few weeks ago and have just made it to the armhole decreases. With part-time work and two active boys I don't get a lot of knitting time in these days! I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and reading about your progress. I'm using Elann's Highland Wool (forget which color, but it's kind of orchid) and am making the 38/39 size. I originally planned to make the 36/37 size, but after reading how everyone's sweaters were coming out small I decided to go up a size. I'm a bit short-waisted so I'm making it about a half-inch shorter and hopefully I'll have enough yarn. Once we figure out how to post pictures I'll include one.


I love my sweater.... BUT the pilling looks terrible. What has worked especially well for you all that cleans up the pills? I have an elecric de-fuzzer, but haven't tried it yet since the pills are pretty big.

I am interested in making this again someday in Katia 'Diana.' I think the quality of the fabric will make it look much better over time.

Has anyone tried this sweater in 'Diana?'

zipper ordering

Can I just say something good about zipperstop here ? I finished knitting my cardi last week. I've been dragging my heels sewing becasue I can't find a zipper locally. Ordering seemed like a hassle, blah, blah blah....

I just got off the phone with this business. A custom length, opens-from-both-ends zipper is on its way to me later today. In my length and color, and not costing much either. I said "wow, you guys are terrific" and he said, "well, wait & make sure you like the zipper first". All that and modest too.

I'll post a photo on my blog when its in.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A little short.

I want to make my carddi a little longer. I am considering picking up the stitches at the bottom and knitting on a few more rows. I don’t know it would be best to sew the pieces together first or not. Any suggestions?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I finally finished my ribby cardie this week, and I am so happy with it! I'm extra pleased with the zip - I don't have the best relationship with my sewing machine. When I first tried it on it was a bit small but I blocked it twice and now it is a perfect fit. Peruvian Collection Highland Wool is a great yarn to work with, and this is a pattern I will definitely be using again :) There are more pictures of the cardie's progress at my blog.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Glad to Be Here..

Howdie : )

My name is Kim. I started my Ribby a couple weeks ago, but I've been working hard on school so I haven't had much time to knit on it. I've completed the back and now I'm working on one of the sleeves. (Yes I'm going out of order.. lol. I was getting a lil sick of my main color.) OOh, and this is my first sweater, so you might be getting lots of questions from me.. and possibly (but hopefully not) some tales of woe about frogging.

Oh.. speaking of yarn, I'm using Rowan All Seasons cotton in True Blue (Body) and Dusk (sleeves). I would use the Highland Wool but I can't knit with wool.. It makes my hands burn and itch. I really like my yarn substitute though, it's workin out real well.

Here's the latest picture of my progress:

That's all I can think of to say right now.. but I'm sure I'll be back. : )

Here comes my Ribby

After several changes of heart about the collor, here it is:

Ribby Cardi

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Progress Report

Image hosted by

This poor little guy was put on hold as I started Mariah and then Lucky. I had it all seamed up except for setting in the sleeves and knitting up the collar, and just kind of put it aside. So last Sunday, while feeling quite flu-y, I camped out on the couch, watched Steel Magnolias, and got 'er done. Ribby still needs a zipper and some ends to be woven in. This picture makes her Aubergine sleeves look quite dark. Also, I realized after all my seaming that I stretched the ribbing too much when I blocked it originally, so it turned out a bit boxy. I'll be reblocking Ribby this week before getting a zipper. Soon, I hope to post a finished-and-modeled pic!