Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Has anyone done the sleeves a little wider by ribbing the main panel, but leaving the increased stitches in stockinette? It was a mistake on my part, but today at BonnieMaries I saw a suggestion for it. I just wondered if any of you had tried it and how it looked.


i took a short trip to seattle and i finished the back and the left front of my ribby.

can you see my mistake?
i put the neck shaping on the same side as the arm hole. nice.
i fixed it. and have almost finished the right side too.

when i arrived home, the pretty blue yarn that i will be using for the sleeves was waiting for me. it was originally back ordered. so i have been waiting in suspense to see what it looks like with the red.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

When to switch to larger needles

Hi, all. The first 8 rows are supposed to be on the smaller needles, but I did a purl row and row 0 (reverse of row 1) after my cast-on. Then I started with row 1. Now I've done to "row 6," but I've really knit 8 rows. Make sense? I'm thinking now is the time to switch to the larger needles. What do you think?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Calling all Emails

Hello Friends!

Last week, while I was *curing* my computer of a virus/spyware invasion, it crashed...

I lost much email including many from you with pictures of your FABULOUS Ribbys to go in the Gallery.

If you sent me thus after 03/12/05 and haven't seen it posted in the Gallery, would you kindly send it to me again? I apologize for this hassle - so sorry to drag you into my MALware drama...

Thanks so much~!!


Hi all .. I realise most of you have finished or are finishing.. so I guess I'm the baby of the group.

I just bought my pattern and am about to cast on my swatch (yes, I'm slow) for my cardi.

I'm using Rowan's latest yarn: Classic Cashsoft DK and I'm making it in two main colours: Red and Black, but with some Off-White trims.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As a newbie at this, I'm so glad I have your footsteps to walk in.. I'm learning as I go and I hope to get to know all of you at the same time.

whois me? well - I'm a Toronto mummy to a sweet 8 month old babe, Lara. I spend my days knitting, blogging, and playing with Lara. To keep me extra busy, I work from home for different NGOs working on communications activities. I'm still new in Toronto and don't know many people in the city... but am always looking for knitters and mothers to make friends with. This is my first knit-along.

nice meeting you - happy easter-egg hunting y'all!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2x2 Ribby in Progress

Hi, I just started working on the ribby cardi about a week ago.

I altered the pattern to make an allover 2x2 ribbed version.. has anyone else done this? I basically kept the same number of stitches, just used 2x2 ribbing instead of the combo 2x2x3x1 the pattern specifies. It looks super skinny, but apparently this is the way with ribbing. I am looking forward to blocking it out.

Here are the two fronts, working simultaneously.


more details on my blog

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cast on

I did it! I cast on, fronts and back together, long tail, with a purl row and row 0 (reverse of row 1). No mistakes! Hooray! I'm so proud of myself that I did it all right. First sweater ever is now underway.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Nearly finished Ribby

Thanks for posting the zipper type Martha... I ordered a couple yesterday. Here is my Ribby sans zipper but otherwise complete:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After I finish the sweater I'm making for my dad I'm making another one of these :-)


Saturday, March 19, 2005

Mostly Seamless Ribby Debuts

A finished Ribby on a Spring Day

You may recall that I joined the 5 pieces (2 fronts, 2 sleeves, one back) of my Ribby at the underarms and finished her seamlessly on one long needle (See February 2005 Archive for details). Since my goal was to have all "live" stitches when I got to the collar so that I wouldn't have to pick up any stitches, I decided to try short rows rather than binding off the collar edge stitches. Here's an overall view:

Up to her neck in Ribby

And a Closeup:

Short Row Closeup

I decided to do the mock turtleneck collar, but I wanted it doubled over, so I knit about 6 inches of collar ribbing. Then I picked up the front edge stitches and knit the seed stitch border up to about 2.5 inches from the neck edge (not all the way to the top) but I wasn't happy with the way that one looked, so I ripped it out and added a four stitch I-cord border. I really like the way that works with the zipper and I'm very happy with two thicknesses of collar. This photo shows the collar and the zipper:

I'm very pleased with this sweater -- it was challenging but I think it came out well. I was very intimidated by the zipper -- shades of Home Ec disasters! -- but it finally worked out. I have to admit to trying to sew the zipper in by machine, but that looked awful, with one side mysteriously longer than the other despite meticulous pinning and basting, so I pulled out the machine stiching (at which point Ribby was nicknamed Rippy) and sewed the zipper in by hand. I did become VERY familiar with the folks at Zipperstop over the past two months, having ordered 3 zippers before I got the right one (a 17.5" #5 Molded Plastic Separating Zipper), and even then I had to shorten it about an inch to get it to fit right. (Lesson learned: wait until you're finished and THEN measure for the zipper.) I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and am a HUGE fan of Bonne Marie, both her designs and her digressions. Her blog is a daily read.

Now, on to the Rogue Hoody (sans zipper, thank you)!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Zipper help


Which type are you all using? I will post a nearly finished ribby photo tomorrow.... but I'm just not sure which of these zippers is appropriate.

Help please


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sleeve length

I thought I would have to make my sleeves longer also, but my sleeve is alittle over 17 inches now, and from armpit to wrist, when I hold it up, this seems about right. I'm making the smallest size, and I thought I had long arms, but maybe I don't have as long as arms as some of you that are even knitting an extra 4 inches! So, to be sure, is that sleeve length from armpit to wrist exactly, or does the sleeve cap shaping add any length?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Reversed shaping

Hi, I'm finally casting on, so I'm catching up on the last month's posts. I see that some have had a hard time when the pattern says to reverse shaping. Has anyone written out the shaping for the right front?

Question about lengthening the sleeves...

I'm going to need to lengthen my sleeves by at least 2"... maybe 3"... that would be 12 - 18 extra rows.

What is the best way to do so... should I just add it to the work even section after all the increases are done, or should I work it into the increases. Maybe changing the every 8 rows part to every 10 rows (for the size I'm doing, that would equal 18 extra rows)?

I'm DONE too!

After a bumpy start, my Ribby is finished too! For those of you who followed along at my blog, you'll know how close it came to going back to the pond! But, thanks to Karen sharing her solutions to a stretchy rib problem, I was able to "boss my knitting around" (as per Bonne Marie!) and now I have my first cardi!

If anyone else out there is having any challenges, all I can say is stick to it - it's a great way to learn how to fix mistakes, and it's SO worth it when you're done!

Come on over and see - I don't have any fun pictures like Margene below, but come on over anyway:)

I'm DONE!!

And I have worn this sweater for three days straight. It is so classic and well designed that I will enjoy it for YEARS to come (and will make more). Bonne Marie really gave so many choices that you can make a unique sweater (or several if you choose). Come on over and check it out. It's pure pleasure to wear.


All together now!

Has anyone knit the back and the fronts continuously so you don't have to sew them together later? Any tips or warnings?

I guess I'd cast on 4 fewer than the total since 2 stitches on each side would have been in the seam allowance. I'll have to check if that will make the ribbing a strange width in those spots.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Happy Dance

My first ribby is done! I finished the knitting earlier in the week and thanks to my folks for taking the twins last night I was able to sew in the zipper. I've been wearing it all day. I used the Peruvian Highland from Elann in Black and Ruby. It took 6 skeins of the black and a smidge under 4 of the ruby. I made the 38 size and only one alteration in shortening the sleeves.

I've already started the next one, but this time I'm using Lion Brand CottonEase in Banana Cream for a summer version!


Friday, March 11, 2005


I'm about to the blocking stage, and would like some input! How did you guys do it? Wet-blocking, steaming, spritzing and pinning? Any regrets?

Pilly Ribbi?

Is anyone else having pills show up on their Ribbi?
I knit mine of Peruvian Highland Wool, and she's starting to show pills along high wear points.
Any care tips out there so I can rid my Ribbi of pills and I know what to look for in a yarn to be aware of this in the future?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gallery Ribby

ChicKnits : Gallery Ribby : Glorious Ribbys from around the Globe!

I'm next in line in the Gallery ribby - y'all need to submit your photos too!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Ribby #2 is in the Works...

Highland Peruvian Wool
Originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
I just can't resist...I love the pattern too much and the cardigan is too cute! And what about the yarn? Way too reasonable too!! I really like these colours too - the admiral blue will be for the body and the raspberry will be for the sleeves. And of course, the next question is to stripe or not to stripe??!! :) I may just tackle ribby #2 after I'm done with my current project...since the pattern is still fresh in my mind. Anyone else considering a ribby #2 as well??

Sleeve increases

I just did my second set of increases for the first sleeve, and I think I'm getting lost. It's hard enough that I can't tell the RS from the WS, but can someone tell me what the edges should look like after the starting the second set of increases, where it says "every 10 rows" of increases. I think now I have one edge that has 4 knits and one site has 2 purl. I think somewhere in my first set of increases, I didn't M1 as purl or something.

Sleeve increases

I just did my second set of increases for the first sleeve, and I think I'm getting lost. It's hard enough that I can't tell the RS from the WS, but can someone tell me what the edges should look like after the starting the second set of increases, where it says "every 10 rows" of increases. I think now I have one edge that has 4 knit and one side has 2 purl. I think somewhere in my first set of increases, I didn't M1 as purl or something.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ribby's done, but....

I may frog it. I've posted my experience here... has anyone else regretted their colour choice? I don't really regret the green, it's just that it and the raglan shape of the sleeve don't go well with the black. Sigh.

plain panel sleevs.

has anyone tried making the sleeves with plain panels? i am thinking of trying this, and wanted to see if anyone had gone there before me. :)

What kind of zipper

I took a peak at zipperstop.com, and was able to navigate the site okay, but what KIND of zipper should I get? Metal, nylon, concealed...there are sooo many http://www.zipperstop.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/scanpage2.htm

I've never done this before, sewn in a zipper in a hand-knit garment, everyone seems to be having problems with this.....

Almost done

Here is the back and one front (the other is done as well):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And here's a sleeve (the other is also done):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So this week I should be able to do button bands and collar and order a zipper. And after washing them.. looks like it should fit well.

Can't wait to wear this one!


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sleeve increases

I just started the increases on my sleeve. Want to make sure I understand this correctly. "repeat INC Row every 8 rows __ times," actually means "repeat INC row every 8th row"?

Zipperstop.com - me too

I am knitting the sleves of my cardi and I want to order the zipper so that it will be here whne the sleves are done and my mom is here - she can sew, I can't.

I went over to zipperstop.com and I am completely lost since there are no links between the photos and the ordering page.

Maybe it's just me and I am dumb, but I cannot navigate that site.

What eveybody else ordered? And how did you do it? You called, maybe?


i just joined the knitalong and wanted to introduce my self. i am in portland oregon. i just learned to knit this past september. ribby cardi will be my first sweater. i am knitting her out of cascade sierra 80% pima cotton 20% wool. it should be nice and light for a spring/summer jacket. The body is a deep red and i am doing the sleeves out of a light blue. sadly the blue was on back order so i only received the red.


My pieces have been blocked for a month. I started a new project when they were blocking. Poor neglected Ribby. I finally pieced it last weekend and now need a zipper.

I want to know from others who ordered from ZipperStop.com if you can order several zippers and then return the ones you didn't use? It's hard to distinguish the color variation on the website. Any other feedback about this company?

I thank you. My Ribby thanks you!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Spring/Summer Ribby

Now that I'm almost finished my ribby, I'd like to make one for spring/summer wear. Has anyone considered making one using cotton or other lighter yarn blend?

My 5 year old daughter also wants one. I wonder how hard it would be to downsize the pattern for a child?

Just some random thoughts...

Tell Me a Yarn


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Trying Again

Getting ready to start my right side armhole shaping (AGAIN). So, according to directions, I start on the WS (rib on the edge), K2, then K2TOG, and continue across. Why wouldn't we just start the armhole DECs on the RS (knit edge), and start the DECs over on the left side like the back armhole shaping?

Right Front done!

I got the right front of my Ribby Cardi done...

Ribby Cardi - Right Front

I decided to do the whole cardi in Dried Herb instead of two different colors because Elann released more of the Dried Herb. Hopefully the two dyelots won't be too different once knitted!

Totally pumped!!

I finished knitting all the parts of my cardi and sewed them together. I was nervous. While making the sweater I dreamed about what it would look like when done. I had a clear vision in my mind of what I wanted. I do this with all projects and most of the time I guess my expectations are so high I'm often disappointed with the end result. Dare I attempt to put it on before the zipper is installed? With bated breath I slipped my arms into the sleeves. Everything seems okay and then I looked in the mirror. Wow!! For the first time in probably 20 years, I've knit a sweater that fits like a glove - no complaints! Usually when I make sweaters, the sleeves are too short or the body's too short (I'm a tall girl) or they turn out too baggy (I'm a loose knitter). I took a chance - a big chance, and added 2" to the sleeves and 1.5" to the body - thanks to all who suggested adding length. What a gamble but it worked!! I'm more excited than ever to finish the collar and install the zipper. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them. I'm so excited, I just had to post....

Ribby Cardi Complete!

I figured I was going to be sewing up the last bootie anyway, so I might as well get in a sewing mood and install the zipper. And ta da, here it is... a finished Ribby Cardi:



I don’t know why it took me so long to sew in the zipper — it was really just a mental obstacle. Silly girl. After seeing Becky’s hand-sewn zipper for Captain Destructo, I knew hand sewing was the way to go. Better control over where things end up.

Ribby Cardi is a fast and easy knit — but finishing is a hassle (in general). It would be awesome if this pattern were converted into a top-down, knit-in-one-piece kind of pattern. I’m sure it can be done. In fact, I’ve decided that that’s what I’m going to do with the GGH Goa (that has been rescued from yet another error-laden Suss pattern) — knit a top-down ribbed turtleneck! No more ends to weave in! Brilliant.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gauge question

Hi, everyone. My gauge is a little bit off and I was trying to figure out how much this would affect the sweater size, which brought up another question. I'm making the 38/39 size. I CO 103 for the back and 50 for each front, totalling 203. Divide that by the required gauge of 4.75 spi and you get 42.74 inches. Why is it so big when the finished sweater is supposed to be 38/39? I know the bottom is ribbed and will draw in, but the plain panels won't. How is this supposed to be sweater with a finished measurement of 38 or 39 inches? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The back is done!

I seem to be averaging a section a week. The sleeves took me a week, the back took me a week.. I'll cast on for the fronts tomorrow, and see where they lead me!

here are all of the piece so far, so you can see how the striping looks together.

stripey and cool and on my floor. and my roommate's toiletry bag. Click for a larger picture

I'm very happy with the sweater progress, the yarn, and the pattern so far. I haven't found anything to complain about (other than the ends to weave in, but that is my own fault). I'm excited to see what the sweater is going to look like, too.

As always, more info on the progress is on my blog

skinny front?

Maybe I'm imagining things but my partially finished front piece looks skinny. The completed back looks about right to my eyeball but the left front seems like it'll be, umm, shapely when worn. As in form fitting, skin tight.
Maybe I'm just not used to knitting cardigans . Did anyone else get this feeling while in progress? Tell me it worked out OK!

Stretchy ribby?

Hi everyone!

Love seeing how everyone's ribbies are coming along! I have a question for you knowledgeable ladies out there - does anyone know how to get a stretched garment back into smaller shape without actually shrinking it? After I blocked my ribby pieces, the ribbing really relaxed and I'm afraid the sweater will look all stretchy after seaming it all up. I wet blocked them (giving them a full-on soak in the sink as opposed to using a spray bottle - I wanted to soften them up a bit with Eucalan) so I think that's why the ribbing stretched out so much. I was really careful to not wring out the pieces, or to let the weight of the water pull on the fabric, but still. Take a look at the pic in this post - the one at the bottom showing the cat sleeping (!) on my ribby front. See how relaxed the ribbing is? Any thoughts?

Amy's got back

Well, the back of my ribby cardi, anyway. I can't believe how quickly this thing is knitting up! I finished another project late last Thursday night and as my reward did the first eight rows of the back of the R.C. Over the next two days I spent just a few hours on it while watching television and playing a game of Trivial Pursuit (the 90s edition----did you know that P. Diddy once assaulted someone with a champagne bottle?), and suddenly I was ready for the armhole decreases. Whee! This is fun. I'm going to do the front pieces and the sleeves at the same time, so hopefully this will be a completed project sooner rather than later. (Check out my blog for another cardi photo featuring my toddler and Mike the Duck).