Monday, February 28, 2005

Diana wearing Ribby Cardi

Here I am at Stitch N' Bitch (Purlygirls Seattle) tonight sporting my new ribby. Zipper is complete and fabulous.

And with my two-way zipper in action

My wishes for my next sweater to be perfect: sleeves 1 inches longer and body 1 inch longer. If I was to make this for my boyfriend, I'd make the sleeves 2.5 inches longer.

I can't believe I did this!

I ordered the Nutmeg Heather for the sleeves, but I didn't order it! I changed the quantity from elann's website, but forgot to change the color. So I got the default Bisque. Ugh. I think I'll keep it and overdye it. Back to elann for Nutmeg Heather...

Sewing in your zipper

Ribby #1 in lavender and raspberry for daughter #2 is done except for the zipper, which I ordered from Anyone else attempting or did sew in the zipper to the Ribby by hand? Don't have a sewing machine, and the seamstresses around here kill plain seams, let alone be trusted to set in a zipper on a hand-knit! Any tips appreciated.
Ribby #2 in a light heather blue with cream stripes (merino wool from Beaverslide and Patons) has been started; this one I am doing on 1 needle; joining the 5 pieces at the armhole was a major pain. At least here only the sleeves will have to br joined to be body, and the decreases will have to match.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Right Side DECs

I know it's probably buried someplace in this blog, but can someone please explain the right side decreases? I was fine on the left side. But the right side is confusing. I'm decreasing on the WS, correct? I K2, then K2TOG (this is on the ribbing, so do I really knit or do I "knit the sts as they appear" since it's rib? I did a few rows, but it doesn't look right.....

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sleeve Stripes

I had to break out the camera, so I got a shot of my zipper pull!

For those who were interested in my sleeve stripes, I updated my finished objects blog to include my sleeve stripes...

For others who want to know what my zipper pull looks like, I'm waiting for more opportune photography light (it's been raining nonstop and I have a thing about natural lighting) I've currently got a fortune cookie (like the earrings, but on a lobster claw clip) from Amyville. She does custom orders :) so if you want a zipper pull she can convert any of the stitch markers she makes into zipper pulls. Great fun for further customizing :D

I finished my Ribby!

I actually finished all the blocking and seaming a few weeks back, but I only just put the zipper in. This was a great knit, I really enjoyed knitting it. I wish I had made it a size smaller, but it'll be fine as it is.
Now I just have to wait until it gets cold enough to wear it! Here in Sydney, we're having hot weather, so I shan't be able to wear Ribby for ages yet :(

Random Knits

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Left armhole/neck DECs

I posted a previous message, but here is a picture of my left armhole and neck decrease. Not sure it's correct, I wasn't paying attention to the part that said "while continuing to work armhole shaping...START neck shaping by binding off...", and it through me off that it said, "follow decrease instructions as for Back". Why can't the left fronts just have their own directions?? anyway, so I frogged 6 decs back, which was where I should have started the neck shaping DECs, but as I got to the very last sts, wasn't sure what I was doing....

New to the KAL

Hi, everyone. I've been busily knitting away on my cardi and am just about finished with the seaming. Although I just joined the blog, I've been reading all the posts since the beginning and, I have to say, I could not have knit this cardi without you guys. The posts about the increases in the sleeves and the shaping of the neck line were especially crucial. I will post pictures soon but have enjoyed looking at all the finished cardis. Thanks everyone for your help!


Diana is done!

I have basted the zipper in (which I had to cut short at the top) and I love the way it feels. The yarn was much softer on my arms than I expected. And I think if I made this in a Grey all rib, it could pass for a men's sweater too.

A Wee Disappointed...

Okay, so I joined this KAL to get pointers and assistance with the knitting pattern and to get some motivation and encouragement along the way. Not only from the other knitters in this group but also to assist where I could and with any questions people may have. Now that I'm done, I'm a bit surprised...I've had one comment on my finished cardi and after all that hard work, I'm a bit disappointed. I usually wouldn't say anything but it surprises me that the final product is not as exciting as the works-in-progress. Is it just me or do people just want to see how it turned out and not say anything??? Or is it that my cardi is not nice enough to comment on? LOL I sure as heck have enjoyed seeing everyone else's finished product...there's nothing quite like it being's the final step to completion after all.

Row 0 after long tail cast-on

Liesel, I don't understand what you meant in your post on January 5 when you said make row 0 the reverse of row 1. Make all the K's to be P's and all the P's to be K's?

So you did:
Long tail cast-on
purl row
row 0
row 1 as usual

Is that it?

Also, is your swatch pic from Jan 4 long-tail or long-tail followed by a purl row?

Thank you so much for posting the different cast-on swatches and sharing the scoop. Also, I'm sorry I'm posting up here but I didn't think you'd see a comment in the January archive and I couldn't figure out how to email you. Sorry, everyone. Also, I couldn't figure out how to link to the posts. Newbie blogger!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Time for Blocking

So finally I have all my pieces knitted up and am ready to block. Did I mention I have never done blocking before? I pretty much know how to do it, but I am wondering how much to block it. Am I just blocking to get rid of rolls, even stitches out etc..? Or am I supposed to actually make it bigger?

Please interpret this (aka more possible sizing/yardage angst)

When I bought the yarn for this sweater, I swear the website said get 1/3 the total yardage for sleeves and trim if desired. For my sweater (a 10 skein sweater), 10/3=3.33. Rounding up, I bought 4 skeins of the constrasting color. 2/3 the total yardage was 6.66, so I rounded up and bought 7 skeins. That's 11 skeins total for a 10 skein sweater, which makes sense with the leftover yarn you'll have off the last skein of each color.

Now I see on the ChicKnits website that it says to buy 1/3 the total yardage plus one skein!!!!! Please tell me she means to round up, not to add 1 then round up (in my case that would mean 3.33+1=4.33, which I'll have to round to 5 for a total of 12 skeins). Then I won't have enough yarn.

Just checked: This wasn't my imagination. The .pdf pattern I downloaded in December also says 1/3 with no mention of "plus one."

Did they update the yardage requirements? I am screwed? (and this is assuming I can make the sizes I had planned, not one size bigger!)

Why would a 10 skein sweater take 12 skeins? What am I missing here?

Thanks, all.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

say it ain't so

That "while continuing.." through me off. Was I supposed to start the neck edge DECs while I was DECs on the armhole edge (after the initial 18 sts) to the total number of DECs which was 6 more? Is it too late to start DEC on the neck edge? please don't say I have to frog. I have done ALL my required armhole DECs, and have about 10 sts left, can I safely just DEC the neck edge??

Another Photo...

Ribby Cardi - In Action #2
Ribby Cardi - In Action #2,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
Yes, I am happy I finished it so here's my "happy" shot...LOL I plan on doing it again in cotton...this one is on the "warm" side as it's all wool but oh well, it should be cool enough again one day before Spring to wear it...can't wait!


Hi Ribby KALers.

I bought a whole load of Peruvian Highland Wool back in November with no clear project in mind. Thirteen skeins of Victorian Rose, and two each of: Oregano, Celadon, Peridot, Antique Blue, and Irish Moss. It sat in my closet for a good three months while I took a little bit of a knitting break.

But then, one day last week, I wanted to knit a sweater. And I wanted to knit one now. I had the pattern, and I dove in (well, I swatched, and then dove in). I didn't even give myself a chance to find my good US7s before I started.

So I whipped out the wool. I didn't want to make it all pink, because - well, I love green too much. But I didn't have enough of any one color to use as the contrast color. So I decided to take three of the colors and stripe them for the sleeves. I choose Antique Blue, Celadon, and Irish Moss, and threw in some Antique Rose to bring it all together. I borrowed the Fibbonacci striping sequence from this sweater, and I was off.

Sleeve number one, in its half-ends-woven-in-half-ends-hanging-out-glory. The weird curve is the combination of my bed, the sheets, and the camera - the actual sleeve is quiet symmetrical:

In less than a week, I've finished both sleeves (which is very fast for me). Well, I almost finished the second one today - I made a mistake on my commute home, and had to rip back ten rows or so - but I'll probably finish it after my class tonight.

Here's a close up of the stripes:

I'm going to add stripes into the ribbing of the body of the sweater as well (and do the stockinette panels), and do a fold-over mock turtleneck with the stripes, too. It might be incredibly overwhelming amount of stripiness, but.. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

More info on it (well, not that much more) can be found on my blog

And now I have a question!
I'm about to embark on the body of the sweater, and I can't decide how I should stripe it. Here are the options I've thought of (remember, I'm doing the version with the stockinette panels):

A. Knit the bottom ribbing (the first 4" or so) and the collar in the Fibbonacci stripes.
B. Knit a few rows of the stripes over the chest of the sweater, leaving the collar and the ribbing in plain ol' pink.
C. Some combination of these two.

Help! I'd love to be able to cast on before I head to work tomorrow...

Ribby Redux

Well, after ripping out the back and the beginning of a front ages ago due to size issues, I've finally gotten back to Ribby. This weekend I finished the back, knit both of the fronts together and have started the sleeves. Whew. I have to say, I'm pretty sick of stockinette (and ribbing for that matter) and I'm not so fond of the Peruvian Highland Wool - I guess you get what you pay for. I've found it to be a little too scratchy for me, and one of the skeins had some awful knots that were somehow fused together.

All that complaining aside, I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with the finished product. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's ribbys, finished and in progress, and I'm currently deciding what to do with the neck colors. Everyone's been so creative.

If you'd like some more info, you can visit my blog.

Monday, February 21, 2005

welcome new KALers!

I just caught up my email and sent out a whole slew of new invitations to join the KAL. I'm about to add names to the list, but please let me know asap if I have missed you!!Thanks!
Also, I'm not really the best person to ask pattern questions-- I have yet to finish my first piece! It's probably best to post here and get responses from those who have completed theirs or are closer than I!

Mid-Indigo Blue/Rosewood Ribby Done!!

FO - Ribby Cardi
FO - Ribby Cardi,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
I'm done! I had my zipper installed by a seamstress for $20 and she's wearable now! Notes about the pattern: (1) I used 5.0 mm instead of 4.5 mm for the body panels to give the ribbing a bit more "spring"; (2) The collar was supposed to be a mock turtleneck version but it ended up a bit long and the seamstress thought it best to put the zipper just to the top of the front panels which works for me as it sits better this way; and (3) I made the back panel slightly shorter than the front panels and had to pick up stitches and add the blue at the bottom to make them even in "oops" to start but turned out nicely anyways. I have a "wearing it" photo on my blog if you'd like to see it on: Knit 'n' Purl Zen.

At long last

Hi, everyone. I sadly wasn't able to start Ribby at my parents' (my dad's surgery went great, but there was just so much going on), but I did get lots of holiday presents done. I am finally home, with a new puppy and the desire to start Ribby! I thought I was too late, so I'm happy to see that Cheryl is just starting, too. I will have to read all the posts to catch up. Thank you for the wisdom of your experience!

If I do decide to size up, I'll have a problem because I bought 10 skeins and sizing up needs 11. I was going to make my [first] Ribby solid, but I suppose I could change that. I wasn't loving the Arizona Clay Peruvian Highland Wool that much anyway. It is darker than the photo at elann. Do you think Chocolate Mocha sleeves would look good with it? I might actually like it better 2-color anyway since A.C. is awfully rust looking. Does any other color strike you as the perfect match for A.C.?

I do love the other colors I bought. Yes, I insanely got enough for 3 sweaters (solid, 2-color, and a 2-color for my niece). They all seemed just like the elann pic.


An Introduction...

My name is Cheryl and I just began making the cardi last Monday after months of contemplation. So far, some executive decisions I've made after reading all the posts in this knitalong are:
  • make the body 2" longer
  • make the sleeves 2' longer (I had to agonize about doing this)
  • choose to make a plain panel version rather than a ribbed one
I bought 6 balls of Claret and 5 balls of Chocolate Truffle Peruvian Highland Wool. Wouldn't it figure that these were some of the few choices left when I bought my yarn almost two weeks ago from Elann. Had I waited longer (actually, one more day), I notice there are now many, many great colours to choose from.

I'm really wonder whether Claret for the body and Chocolate Truffle for the sleeves will actually look good together. I just started one of the sleeves and the two colours look like night and day, when placed side by side. If anyone has used this combination, please let me know what you think. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the Chocolate Truffle for some other colour that is more complimentary. I'm also open to a trade if anyone is in search of Chocolate Truffle.

Thanks to all the people who have posted their trials and tribulations on this site. It has helped me immensely with my decision making process. I'm learning through the experiences of others. I look forward to reading and making future posts.

Pics of my progress can be found at my blog at

Sunday, February 20, 2005


A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Peruvian Highland Wool in Antique Rose. I love the color, but I just realized a few days ago that I bought one skein too few. The color isn't available now, and isn't sure when/if it will be available again. I went ahead and ordered more in a different shade (Rose Pink) so I can have at least one Ribby Cardi to start, but I'm not sure what to do with the Antique Rose that I have. I can hang onto it for another week before I have to send it back within the 30-day return period (store credit is always a good thing, right?) but I really, really love the color and am hoping to track down another skein, even if it's a different dye lot. In the meantime, I'm checking out everyone else's beautiful sweaters and itching to start my own. Can't wait 'til I have some progress to show off ; )

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Last night I casted the sleeves - yeah!


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stick a fork in me, I'm done :D

A little overdue in the posting, I actually had Ribby Seamed up last week, but dragged my feet on installing the zipper.

I finally got the zipper taken care of early on this week, and I'm pleased to say she's done and she fits perfectly :)

Size wise, I made her 1 size bigger than my "measured" bust size to give a little bit of extra ease through the body - and I made adjustments in the length and arms based on what I know of my own personal measurements. I'm not normally a Cardi kinda girl, but I derive such pleasure from wearing this one, especially since it was my first garment :D

Read (and ogle more photos) at my blog.

Collar Turn

I am doubling the collar (mock turtleneck). When I got to the point to turn - I did a row of all PURL on Right Side. Then reversed the pattern of the rib. This makes the ribbing lay together when folded down. The purl row makes a natural crease for the turn.

Now I just need to measure for a zipper!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Maybe not for naught...

Last I checked, the Peruvian Highland Wool in Coffee Bean Brown was gone, and then it looked like all the other colors sold out, too, because I couldn't even find the link to the page...

But today, I notice they got new stock (I'm guessing I just missed that it had moved to the top of the "What's New" page when I was looking for it yesterday), and either Coffee Bean Brown was included in the new stuff, or it really wasn't sold out, there was just an accounting glitch that took it off the page. Either way, it looks like I'm in the clear.

But, if you wanted to make another Ribby, the "new" colors might be what you were wishing for... go check them out :)

All for naught...

Well, I got the Oxblood yarn I'd mentioned, and I don't think it's quite what I had in mind (there's more about it on my blog, if you want more detail as to why), but it looks like it doesn't matter, anyways... the Coffee Bean Brown went from 50+ to 0 so fast I missed it. I figured since it was taking so much longer to go down below the 50+ mark, that it wouldn't vanish quite as quickly as the Oxblood, but it went even faster. BUGGARS!

So, it looks like I won't have a second Ribby to do all that soon. Oh, well... it's not like I needed another project on my plate, anyways... I still have a LONG way to go on my first one, and I've got plenty more to keep me busy.

- Leisel

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Almost There...

Ribby Cardi - Almost There!
Ribby Cardi - Almost There!,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
Here she arm left to seam, collar to add and a zipper to install. As you can see, I added a band of blue at the back...had to as when I was seaming it up the sides, I realized the front panels were slightly longer than the back panel...oops! Oh well, the blue is kinda fun. One hint: when seaming with Highland wool, don't pull too hard or the yarn will tear...happened to me a couple of times on the sleeves. Hope to have it finished and zipped up by the weekend. It looks like it's "just" going to fit too...which seems to be the norm on this's coming out smaller for everyone.


I'm getting worried now. Everyone seems to having a size problem -- too small. I'm making the smallest size -- I'm 5'6'' with about a 32-33" bust, but I already added an extra inch in length to the back (13"). The back is nearly complete, I have about 15 more rows to go, but hubby keeps saying, "It looks awfully small" gauge is definitely 19 sts/4 inches, so we'll see...I know I have to lengthen the arms. I've tried to go back through the messages and make one complete document that has all the recommended changes, but has anyone else done this? I don't want to miss anything.

Up close of collar

Collar Posted by Hello

Here is an upclose shot of my mock collar - I knit it twice as long, then whipstitched it down over the zipper. You can see a bit of my bad sewing job on the zipper right below my thumb. Oh well, I think it came out pretty cute anyhow!

Finished (too small) Ribby

Finished Ribby2 Posted by Hello

After sulking over it for a week, I finally finished my Ribby. I hand sewed the zipper and stitched the collar over. For some reason I can't get both pictures to publish in one post so the collar picture is in a separate post. Even though the sweater is too small, I am proud of myself for finishing my first (adult sized) sweater and I think it looks nice. I might try one last time to wet block it and see if I can stretch it out some.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Oh, yes, it's definitely possible!

I was going to wait to show this, but the time seems ripe! (Pardon the photos. Oxford Grey Ribby doesn't show up too well on the grey blocking board.)

Two fronts, two sleeves, and a back -- all on one needle.

I knit each of the pieces (I knit both sleeves and both fronts simultaneously) until I got to the armhole decreases. I put each of those on waste yarn (those are the bits of yellow you see), slipped all five pieces onto one 32" needle, and knit across. In this first "join row" I knit two stitches together at each of the "joins," then, purling back, I purled two stitches together at each of the joins, so that now I have a marker between each of the pieces. I figured I needed to do this to "eat up" the selvedge stitches I wasn't going to need. To compensate for their absence, on the decrease rows I simply K2Tog and SSK, without the four knit stitches in between. It's a bit different from the original design, but it's not looking too bad. Here's some detail:

Raglan shaping between back/sleeve/right front.

Remember that this hasn't been blocked, so be generous! I decided to try it this way because I hate to sew seams, especially raglan, and because I wanted the collar stitches to be "live" rather than have to pick up bound off stitches. When I finish knitting, I'll graft/kitchener the underarm stitches and seam the sleeves and side seams. Trying it this way (I have to give credit to Claudia who, I believe, did something similar on her very clever O'Ribby) was a bit of a challenge but it's been pretty fun. One of the things I learned is that Peruvian Highland "spit grafts" really well. This is a Meg Swansen trick that allows you to join new yarn without having ends (which are fine if you can incorporate them into the seams, but I didn't want any at either of my front edges.) You strip back about 3" of the one strand of the old skein, and 2" of one strand of the new skein, spit on one palm (or moisten with a sponge if you are delicate), and rub the two ends together briskly to fuse the wool. Voila! One continuous strand.

I'll check back in when I've finished and let you see how it worked out.

Raglan on 1 needle--it is possible

Thanks to the Knitters Review Forum, I do think I can make this cardi on 1 needle from armholes on. Will post complete instructions, as well as progress report. Back is done to armhole, started left front-- done halfway to armhole. Had to buy Fee's Sweater Workshop Book and Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop for help here, but at least all armhole dec will be the same (I hope). Also will be setting in zpper by hand (no machine to do it). Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

and one more...

Cast on yesterday, in these colors of Cascade 220:

Darker one for the body. I hope the striped arm ribbys are done & posted before I get to the sleeves on mine, so I can see how it looks all put together, love the pieces alone.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Frogged Sleeve #2 Done! Yay! frogged sleeve is now done! It looks the same as the other even though I didn't do them together...phew (LOL). Tomorrow I'll think about blocking and maybe a bit of seaming...hopefully my seaming technique will be better for my second sweater.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ribby Cardi Started!

After two cast ons and a correct guage, I finally have 8 rows of ribby. cool. Bad news is that I need to totally re-do the turtleneck of of Faye first. What's weird is that when I "blog" my own blog the message goes here...need to investigate..


Blogger finally allowed me to join the group so I figured I'd introduce myself! I've been in the KAL for a bit and have actually made some progress on my Ribby. I've been using the Peruvian Highland from Elann in Black and plan on doing the sleeves in Ruby. I love the color combination, as well as the feel of the yarn. I'm totally digging the pattern. While I finished the back, I screwed up on the the initial cast on of the left front by grabbing the wrong needle out of the bag. Fortunately, I wasn't very far along. I've been blogging my progress on my own blog while Blogger hated me. You can read it here if you so choose. Here's a picture of the finished back.

Ribby Back

I'm just in love with this pattern. I already have the yarn for a second one. That's going to be the Peruvian Highland as well, but this time a solid in the Dusty Rose color. Who knows, maybe a third in a cotton blend for the summer. Oooh, now there's an idea.


Starting a Ribby

Hello everyone. New member here, starting my first Ribby Cardi for my daughter. I'm going to use a cotton blend (Berroco Luxe, in Lavender and Raspberry-- she wants itch-free guarantee), after making sure the row gauge works for the raglan sleeves (the spi on this is 5, but that's OK, she's small). Question--Has anyone done the raglan sleeves and body by putting them all together on 1 needle to finish and do the neck? That's how I usually do raglans, seems easier that way. Enjoy looking at everyone's cardis. Such lovely color combos.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Getting there

I've finished the back and fronts of my ribby!!! Here's where I am with the sleeves. I decided to put a stripe down the arm rather than doing the whole arm in a different color than the body. (the body is the brown/purple color). I'm planning on making the collar and button bands in the cream color as well. Hope it fits.... wish me good blocking luck!


Froggy Tuesday! Rip-pit!

originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
Have you ever been knitting along and thinking, woohoo, I'm doing so good..progessing nicely and then OOPS, a stitch slips off and you can't fix it? Well, that was my experience last night and afterwards, I had to pull right back to the first few rows on sleeve #2 of my cardi. Ever had a similar experience? Tell me about may help me feel better...LOL

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bigger needles?

I started my ribby, smallest size, using #6 needles. Then I realized I'd better do a swatch before moving up to the larger needles (when it asks after those first 8 rows). Turns out I gauged for size 9 needles. Should I do my first 8 rows of rib over in size 8 needles, or will it not make a difference with just that little bit of rib??

Being Sick is good for Something....

Unfortunately, I have no photos to share, but being laid up with the flu and not able to sleep made it so I finished Ribby (with the exception of the Zipper... which is yet to be purchased) I'm liking how it turned out, and it seems to fit well (I lengthened both the Body and Sleeves) and while it is definitely a close fitting cardi, I still have room to move around (at least as best as I can tell by holding the front shut)
:) Hope to post photos soon!

Totally discouraged :(

I finally finished and seamed my entire sweater - only to find out it is too small :( I'm just sick now. It took me two months to finish this sweater and I am still struggling with the stupid zipper. The sleeves are the only thing that fit properly as I knit them 2.5" longer than specified. The sweater is too tight in the shoulders, which I'm not sure how I could have fixed, except to make the entire thing bigger. I thought I had measured everything and blocked everything out to pattern , which means it should fit...but it doesn't. And the only person I know that it would fit is my mom but since I knit the sleeves so much longer, they will be monkey sleeves on her! I've about given up on the zipper also, I have it basted in but handstitching it looks really bad on the wrong side so I tried to use my sewing machine on it and the tension on my machine is messed up.
I'm really disappointed as this is the first sweater for myself that I've actually finished. Is the trick to just make things extra big? Or be extra careful when measuring? sorry to be a KAL downer.

Monday, February 07, 2005

One Sleeve Done!

Ribby Cardi - One Sleeve Done!
Ribby Cardi - One Sleeve Done!,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
One down, one to go! Hopefully I'll get the other sleeve done this week and think about seaming this coming weekend! I'm liking the colour combo so far and the striping is turning out great too.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Kid on the Block

Guess what?

That's what!

Ribby Cardi is blocking now and boy, oh boy, am I excited to be close to the finish line. The pattern was so well written! The Peruvian Highland Wool handled and blocked so fabulously! Can't wait to see it on.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sleeves are Started!

Ribby Cardi - Sleeves Started!
Ribby Cardi - Sleeves Started!,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
My sleeves are started and I really quite like how the rosewood and mid-indigo blue go together!! I think I'll add another stripe of rosewood about elbow level on the pull it all together...why not? May as well be a bit creative anyways...LOL

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Right Front Panel - Done!

Ribby Cardi - Right Front
Ribby Cardi - Right Front,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
And onto the sleeves we go... I'm tossing with the idea of incorporating some of the rosewood into the sleeves since it seems that there's not enough yarn for the sleeves and left over for the body pieces. We'll see how it goes... My blog: Knit 'n' Purl Zen

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ribby *almost* done!

I loved knitting this sweater! I knit it up in maybe just over a week, in the 40/41 size. No problems with the pattern, but I did find that I needed more of the sleeve yarn than expected. As the pattern calls for 12 balls, 1/3 in the sleeve colour and 2/3 in the body colour, I bought 5 for the sleeves and 9 for the body. (I always get extra).
I found that I had nearly 3 balls of the body colour left, and used 4 1/2 balls of the sleeve colour.
Now my problem is the zipper. The sweater has been complete for a week, but I couldn't find a zipper! So I've ordered 5 today, from, in 5 different shades of purple in the hope that at least one of them matches!

If I Had It To Do Again

I'm not quite done -- knitting the roll collar, still have to acquire & install a zipper -- but I was able to put on and wear around my sweater today. I think it was especially easy to put together because the raglan decreases meant that I was sewing together pieces of fabric that were parallel, not perpendicular.

But there are a few alterations I will make if I use this pattern again (which I expect I will because it's fast, cute, and well-constructed):

1. I find the Peruvian Highland EXTREMELY itchy to wear. Maybe it would be less noticeable over a more substantial shirt, but it's a pretty snug sweater and I will wear a light shirt underneath. Next time, I'll either use merino or a cotton blend (or maybe Cascade 220 Superwash).

2. I would make the body longer. I added an inch to the sleeves, and the body isn't indecently short, but it does kind of ride up when I sit down.

3. Maybe it's my peasant-stock arms, but I found the sleeves a bit too bulky and snug. I think I'd match the sleeves to the plain-front body, with 3 x 1 for 3-4 inches and plain stockinette afterwards.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What yarn is everyone using?

I am just finishing up my first Ribby--heathery blue with burgandy sleeves. I am using Cascade 220 yarn and it is knitting up really well. But my daughter is already having a fit about needing one herself. With Spring around the corner, I am curious. Has anyone had any luck using anything other than wool?

Blocking the ribbing???

I don't usually block anything that I rib. Are you guys all blocking? Maybe just not pressing very hard? Thanks!

~ Update ~

Ok so I have the back complete and working on the front panels. I am doing both panels at the same time. I think that this way you feel like you are working faster than you really are. I will update with more pics soon!!