Monday, January 31, 2005

All Rib or plain panel

Is the all rib easier than the plain panel? Which do you all prefer? I've seen mostly plain panel here....I'm a small person, small bust, just wondering how the plain would look over the all rib version over small bust......

Blocking Virgin No More!

:D My first time blocking (well, other than felted things!)
Photos of the back and fronts of my Ribby can be viewed at my blog. I've cast on for the sleeves and am making quick work of them :) I can't wait!


O.K. Sorry for the primal scream there, but I really needed it. I am struggling with the neck decreases....still. I have frogged five times, and I just can't get it right! I am so frustrated right now, I know I should I walk away from it. But I am so close to finishing this piece, I don't want to stop, lol.

I am making the 40/41. So I make 21 decreases for the sleeve, and then 8 more for the sleeve while I also decrease 7 for the neck. So, do I do the BO for the neck on the WS row immediatlely after I do the 21 DEC on RS? And then do the dec. on both ends of the right side row?

See, what happens is, I get to my last three stitches, and I have only done 5 of the neck decreases. I just don't get where I am missing this. Please someone help me!?

The Purple Ribby that was not meant to be mine!

Originally uploaded by carmelnap.

Hey all,

So I just wanted to give and update. I actually finished the 1st Ribby that I was doing and it turned out nice. All that is left to do is buy a zipper and sew it on. Unfortunately it does not fit me. It is too small, I must have chose the wrong size to make and now it looks like it belongs on a child. But that is okay becausee I started a new ribby. In the picture these are the four colors I have enought to make 2 sweaters. they are, going from left to right: Summer sky, Dark Indigo Heather, Coffee Bean Brown and Ink. I decided to use the brown and ink, with Ink being the body and Brown being the arms. I also made it two sizes bigger, so it should definety fit me now. I am halfway finished the back.

BTW, I just love how this sweater knits up fast. Don't you!:)

Bye for now!

Members List do we get our names listed in the members list to the right? I know the list is probably way long but I'd love to have my name listed and linked there if I could? Here's the code to copy:


Yarn amount estimates

I notice that some people making smaller sizes have run out of their sleeve or contrast yarn... Well, I'm making the largest size, bought 15 balls (pattern calls for 1550 yards, one-third for sleeves, so 15 seemed like a good number), and I'm going to have 4 full balls of yarn left over! I made the sleeves an inch longer than the pattern called for and used exactly four balls, and I've used 5 and a tiny little bit of a 6th for the fronts & back. My gauge is fine and I've blocked the front & back to measurements, andwhat's left are the front bands & collar.

Maybe the yardage estimates are a bit off on the ends?

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I keep making stupid mistakes so I keep frogging it. Here is where I am now, the two fronts:


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Working on the back

This is turning into a pretty quick knit. 12 inches of the back are done!

I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Venetian (dark brownish purple) and maybe a beige/cream color for the sleeves. Not sure if I'm going to make this in one or two colors.

and maybe:


Friday, January 28, 2005

dorky dyelot question

When I frogged the back of my sweater, I decided to order three more balls of yarn, since I didn't feel too great about the state the wool was in. Well, of course, the three new balls are a different dyelot. The look the same, however. If they look alike, does the dyelot really matter?
Also, can anyone who has knit the small size tell me how many balls it took for the back panel and each of the two front panels? If it only takes three fr the fron panels, I could just save the new dyelot for that part, maybe.

It's gone now...

This morning when I checked, there were 47 skeins left. Now there's none. Can you believe how fast they went??? I wonder if they had a LOT to start with, and they were just flying out at that rate the whole time, or if there were just a bunch of people, like me, who were watching to see when it started running out and ordered then to make sure they didn't miss out.

Don't worry... I was the one who took the last 8. That's all there was when I checked just a few minutes ago, and I think it was 6 I needed to do the sleeves of Ribby (guess that helps me decide which version of the sweater to do, eh?), and since that would only leave 2, I just snatched them up while I was at it, too.

I figured it was a reasonable compromise with myself (so much for my self-control, Leann).

Well, and then there was some sock yarn I wanted, and I got that, too (really... WHAT self-control???).

But the last 8 skeins of Oxblood are mine ALL MINE... Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha.

- Leisel

Mock collar sewn down, anyone?

I am making the mock collar and was wondering if anyone had made (or plans to make) theirs twice as long and then fold it in and sew it down over the zipper? I've never done this but I don't really like my seam where I picked up the collar stitches. I was thinking this way, I could not only cover up the zipper edge on the top, but also cover up the collar seam. I'm scared though! Part of me just wants to finish it and be done with it, I am anxious to wear it (probably because my house is freeeeeeezing right now!) Is this hard to do? And how do you sew the collar down, with regular thread or with yarn?


I've been watching the colors I want to use on my next Ribby Cardi over at elann. I was hoping they would last a little while longer, but the one I most want to use has dipped below their 50+ mark. I'm not ready to order... I haven't even come close to finishing my first, and I have promised to make my husband a sweater for his birthday coming up at the end of March. I can't justify buying the yarn now. I want to, but I can't... especially since I'm still debating between a couple of different styles, so I don't know how much I ought to buy anyways.


/whiny rant

- Leisel

Help, Please! Neck Shaping!

So, I've read, and re-read the pattern.
I'm making the medium Size.

The way I understand it, is by the end of the arm and neck decreases, I should have done the total number of decreases as I did for the back piece (30)

The pattern reads that after 21 armhole decreases, I start my neck shaping -and unless I keep doing my math wrong, the neck shaping (for the medium size), at best occupies 7 RS rows (or 7 decreases (I'm counting the bindoffs as 1 "decrease row" - if that makes sense). The problem I'm having is this still leaves me short of a total of 30 decreases....21+7 does not = 30. What on earth am I doing wrong?! I've done my neck bindoffs, but don't want to go any further until I figure out if I'm doing it alright or not - I want to minimize my frogging, if you know what I mean.

Also, for the Neck Decreases: Are you guys doing the decrease right at the edge, or are you doing something like K1, then decrease (either K2Tog or SSK depending on side)?


Wednesday, January 26, 2005 - Peruvian Collection Highland Wool - Peruvian Collection Highland Wool

Looks like Elann has some great new colors to choose from - tempting to make a second sweater - I still haven't sewn mine together though!!

Another zipper source

I had posted a link to an online zipper source in one of my other posts but then I looked at and ended up ordering a few more because they had a better color, size, and price selection - and I just got my zippers today! Super fast shipping and great prices if anyone is still looking for a zipper :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 back!

I feel like it's taken me forever to get the back completed. It's definitely long enough. I matched it up to the other sweater I like and it's maybe an inch longer which is just fine.

Here she is.

Ribby Back

On to the fronts! Did some of you do the fronts together? Or just the sleeves?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Introducing... my new ribby cardi!

so i actually finished my ribby cardi last weekend but finally got around to taking some pictures this weekend. i made the smallest size with some minor alterations. first, here are some notes about what i changed or would do differently next time:

1) i have gorilla arms. my sleeves are 21" from wrist to armhole decreases (which sounds so much nicer then armpits). they are the perfect length and i wish every sweater i owned had nice cozy sleeves like this.

2) i lengthened the body by 1" but next time think i will add another inch or two. i guess i have an extremely long torso to go with those gorilla arms.

3) i ran out of chocolate for the collar so it's short and lays funny so next time i would definitely buy more of the alternate color.

4) i compromised on the zipper due to a lack of variety at the store. i figured that since i never zip my cardigans up all of the way i didn't need a zipper to go up all of the way... but with the too short collar this only adds to the curling under of the collar.

5) the wool-ease is exceptionally comfortable and cozy but it catches really easy on everything (especially my cats little claws). not sure if other yarn is better at that but i would like to try a 100% wool sweater.

but even with all that, i really really love this sweater! i still can't believe i made it and in only a month! i will definitely be making another ribby cardi. new colors, ribbed all over, and it will be like a completely different sweater.

on to the pictures where, for some reason, my head got squished:

inspired by the collage someone did earlier

me looking goofy in my new sweater

Babys Got Back!

Yes folks, I finished my back, and as far as I can tell, it's all good. I wan't sure if I was supposed to BO with purls or knits since it was a purl row. So I decided to purl. (Can you spell...New Knitter) I love how soft and warm it feels already!

So of course, now I have a whole new list of questions for the next part, so here they are.

Left Front: "Follow Decrease Instructions as for back and when.." I am just following the "repreat DEC rowevery RS row" part, correct?

Now the Neck Shaping, I have read it and read it and read it. I know it is supposed to make sense but I just can't grasp it (I'll blame this on the taking care of two babies with 103.3 temps, alone) hehe First off, I want the same amount of DEC as the back piece, so if I did 29 on the back, then I would do 21 before I get to the neck shaping and then eight more along with the neck. Is that right? Now the BO part.. "Start Next Shaping by Binding off sts at neck edge. Do I do that before my DEC? Or do I BO on the WS, which wouldn't mess with the DEC sts?

And then after I get through all of that.... "Dec 1 st at neck edge every RS row" At this point, am I done with the other DEC pattern? And do I k2tog or ssk? Forgive me, I can't visualize it, otherwise I would know which way the slant is.

PHEW! Got all that? There is one good thing that comes from all my simple questions... Bet it makes a lot of you feel reallly smart :) not that you aren't, of course

Edited to add: I tried to put a picture in four times, but no matter how much I resize it it comes up Huge, so nevermind. Not like you don't know what it looks like anyhow :)

Cascade substitution

I'm thinking that I'll make this with Cascade next time. How's everyone doing who's substituting? Any special tricks beyond recalculating for gauge?

I finally made it here!

Hi everyone! This is my first knitalong and I am excited. I am trying to create a blog as well....currently it is so boring and I don't even know how to access it very well :) Oh well life goes on.

As for the Ribby cardi I am working on the back panel now...I had someone give me some help and due to family illnesses I have tried them yet. I plan to work on it this week.

I just wanted to say hi!


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thanks, guys.

I am so glad that I joined this Knit-a-long. I am almost done with my first Ribby sleeve and I worried that it was doing something wrong, but I saw a post from someone and I realized that I am alright.

Thanks, Jess!

For suggesting I spit splice that wayward end. I'd been nervous to try that before, because I read somewhere someone who'd done it say it made a stiff lump. I figure that she either overdid it, or there was just too much yarn, so when I did it, I cut each of the plies to different lengths, so except for small bits, there was really still 3 plies all through the join. It was a pain to do, but the rubbing it on your jeans to felt it really did the job. I was amazed... I could tug the two ends of the yarn rather hard and it stayed together just fine. And, I'd dare anyone to find where I'd done it.

Oh, and for all the pain it was, it was definitely easier than weaving in ends.

Next Questions

First, I ended up using sixe 10 and 10.5 needles, since I did get the gauge perfectly on the 10. So far it looks right, and feels right. I'll keep knitting until it either looks wrong, or someone tells me 10 seems too far off.

So I am working the back Finally. I was looking ahead at the armhole shaping and now have another question. Did I mention this is my first sweater? hehe

Anyhow, It says to bind off 10 st. at the begining of the next two rows. So row 1, I BO 10, then do I work the rest of the row as the sts appear?? I am thinking that's right, but wanted to ask before I actually get to that part.

Am I a blogger hog or what? :)


Gallery Ribby -- Up and Running

Inspired by all of the FABULOUS Ribbys I'm seeing here and online, I've put together a Knitter's Gallery for the Ribby Cardi - check it out: HERE

I'm in the process of incorporating some color combo info in there somewhere too - the original color combo page with the little color chips I put together is HERE

I'd like to invite you all to be part of the Gallery - people LOVE seeing the beautiful work you've all been doing -

Just send me a picture of your Ribby (hopefully with you in it!) and some details about the construction of it (what you liked, disliked, yarn--type & amounts used, color details, etc), and if you have a blog, a button or link (if you have no button), and I'll put you in the Gallery!

(Be sure the picture is a JPEG under 100k and sent as an attachment to the email with your details.)

I am vicariously knitting a Ribby along with you - it is my 4th and has Blackberry sleeves and Cordovan body. I dyed the yarn with some Lanaset dyes - still learning as I go with the dyeing thing. I am done with the back, one sleeve and about 1/3 of the way through another sleeve.

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you for knitting this pattern! It is exciting beyond belief for me to see the Beauty you have all created...

Warm regards,
Bonne Marie

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I finally got to the arm shaping on the back and already messed up. I followed the directions for the first few rows and realized that my ribbing was getting messed up.I haven't made a sweater in a long time. So even though it says K2 together you have to pay attention to whether it's a knit or a purl right? I need to go rip this out. Argh. I can't believe I'm struggling with such an easy aspect of this pattern! Carole, I need you here to hold my hand! I feel like an idiot.

*** ETA

Nevermind...I realized I started the binding off on the wrong row. I frogged it and am back on track. I need to really try and nknit when my kids aren't around! I can NOT concentrate when they're around me and I'm trying to knit this dang thing!

Friday, January 21, 2005

I've been working on it...

I've made it through the waist ribbing on the back. Not a whole lot of point showing a picture, I'm sure you all know what that much will look like.

I also picked up the two front panels and started working on them. One of the balls had a break in the yarn (and a knot to go with it), and of course, it had to fall such that I didn't notice it until I was 2/3 - 3/4 of the way through the row, and it won't reach the rest of the way. So, I get to join the yarns in the middle of the fabric or tink back to the beginning of the row. I'd prefer not to have to knit two strands together to make the change... I have tried that on my felted bags (where it didn't matter), and it does make a lump, so I may tink back, unless I figure out a different way to change yarns.

- Leisel

Gauge Swatch

Sooo I finally got to sit down tonight and do my swatch...And oops, forgot. I don't know how. I haven't made anything that I have really had to swatch and I'm not sure where to start. I am using Cascade 220, if it matters.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Edited to add: O.K. I figured out how to do it. My next problem is this. With a #6 needle I get 5.5 st per inch. With a #7 needle I get 5 spi (which is what the label says) The label also says on #8 it's 4.5 spi. I need 4.75, so what size needle do I use?

Oy vey! If I am having this much trouble already.... Man am I in trouble!

Picking up stitches help!

I'm all set to start picking up stitches for my front bands but have totally confused myself. First question - does it really matter how many sts I pick up? I'm making the middle size so it says to pick up 97 sts but after doing some rough math, if I pick up a sts for every row, that will be 126 sts. If I pick up every other row , will the bands pucker? Also, does it matter if I pick up from the bottom or the top? Meaning, If I start picking up sts from the top down on one side, do I need to do the same for the other side?


Okay, this is my first post and it has taken me an hour to figure out how to post a picture so I hope this works! I finally finished both sleeves (which I knit at the same time) and blocked the front and back pieces last night. I'm using New Leaf and Grape Heather - the purple for the back and arms, the green for the front and collar. The sleeves took me forever, but then again, I think I am probably the slowest knitter on here! I ordered two zippers from an online place (in two different colors, I wasn't sure what color would look best) and am about to start picking up stitches for the front bands. Oh, and about an hour after I took the above picture (in my laundry room!), the shaking of the washer threw the board off and it landed upside down on the floor - right on top of the cat's litter box. yeah, ewwwwwwwww! Luckily no damage was done :)
Back and both front pieces blocking Posted by Hello

Finally, here's progress

At long last, photos of my Ribby. [well, i have them, i really do, but don't have time to read the site right now, will post later] I chose Dried Herb and Russet in's Peruvian Highland Wool, and am making the 40/41, even though I'm a 36. It's turning out perfectly. I made the sleeve about one inch longer than the pattern called for and used up two entire skeins of the Russet. This prompted a post on here and led me to's swap site where miracle of miracles...a lady from Oak Park, Illinois saw my request and sent me another skein and a half so that I'll end up having enough for the collar! Yay! Anyway, the back and a sleeve are done and I am in the middle of the left front.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Left Front Done!

Ribby Cardi - Left Front
Ribby Cardi - Left Front,
originally uploaded by Roxanne2005.
I hope to get the right front and sleeves done or almost done while in Toronto...I'm heading there on Friday! Yippee!! Loving this ribby cardi pattern so's a great knit!

re-using frogged yarn

I posted the other day about my disastrous ribbing error an dthe fact that I had to rip out nearly two balls' worth of yarn. The yarn doesn't look as nice to me now. Is there anything I can do? If I knit with it, will it be all loose and pill-y?


I'm done with the back and onto the front panels :D
Photo posted on my blog.

Finally Finished

I have really enjoyed knitting this and think I have work it almost everyday since finishing! I have some more pretty terrible photos on my blog! I could not wait for my "official" photographer to be available!

Happy Knitting


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

moving on to 3rd piece

I've finished the two sleeves (luckily I did them at the same time) - I was able to make mirrored increase mistakes at the same time!
Ready to chug away on the back. I did that bit all today - staying home sick.

I Ka-Not Ka-nit for the life of me!

Well, according to Alison, Tuesday is knit-along day, and since I've been feeling like knitting on my Christmas gifts is akin to pulling off my fingernails, I thought I'd take that advice and work on something I've been wanting to, and make some progress on one of my knit-alongs.

So, I picked up the back of Ribby Cardi and started working on it. I'd gotten through almost 2 rows before I noticed a problem...

on the last row that I'd knitted before I had to lay it down before, I'd missed the switch between the 3x1 rib in the middle and the 2x2 rib on the side, and done the wrong stitch. So, I pulled out my needles and ripped it back to the mistake. Picking the stitches back up onto the needles was a bit of a pain, but I did it, and finished up the row, and switched the working needle (I have Denise Interchangeables) up to the size 7...

and I can't remember how far I got, but I noticed one of the x1's didn't look right, and I figured I'd just purled straight across it a couple of rows back. Luckily, this time I remembered you could drop down a single stitch and rework it with a crochet hook. It worked like a charm, and I just kept wishing I had thought of that for the first boo-boo...

So, I finished that row and got another row and a half done before I realized that I had forgotten to change the other needle out from the size 6 to the size 7. (You can imagine me smacking myself in the head here.) Since I didn't want to repeat the ripping out and picking up thing again, I tinked it back that row and a half and switched that second needle up. And then I noticed that a few rows back I split the yarn on one of the stitches.


I'll use the crochet hook trick again, but *sigh* without all this trouble, I could probably have finished up the ribbing band on the back today. SOOOOOOO disheartening.

- Leisel

Here is my back


~ Progress so Far ~

Ok guys I don't have any pictures to show yet because I am lazy but I have several inches on the back done. I am loving the way that it is looking. I am doing the flat panel one. I love it.

Just thought that I would fill everyone in on what was going on.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 17, 2005

What size should I make?

This is my first sweater and I don't know what size to go with. I bought enough yarn to do up to 42/43. I have a 36 inch bust, but I don't want it to be too form fitting, so I thought I would go up a size or two. but I don't want it to be super oversized either. I know, I know. What a general question, probably not an exact answer to it. But I figured someone out there can at least push me in the right direction.

I am hoping to start my cardi any day now. I am forcing myself to finish the match to my first sock ever before I do anything else. The socks are for my hubby, who anxiously awaits them. Once he gets them, I don't think there will be any issues with the money I spent for Ribby :)

And now for my two beginner questions. I was reading through my pattern and there are two things that stump me.

1) In the section for the Back Armhole Shaping, it says "work all WS row stiches as they appear in established pattern". That's not the same as "work stiches as they appear", is it? I think this is one of those questions that if I were actually knitting at that point I would "see" what I should do. But it doesn't hurt to know ahead of time either.

2) "Work armhole and neck shaping as for left front, reversing all shapings, but wherever there is SSK, work K2TOG" Is this a literal thing?

O.K. I think I am going to put the pattern away until I start. The more I read over it, the more questions I have. Note to self: Less thinking, more knitting Liz.

And last but not least, I love all the pictures you guys are sharing. I am slightly jealous of the two tone cardis. I couldn't decide on a second color, so mine is just plain ol' chocolate brown.

Couple of questions

What do you all think about using Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn to make this project? Would it work up well?

Also, I was reading over the directions for the project and at the very beginning of the pattern (for the back), Row 2 reads "Work sts as they appear." What exactly does this mean? I'm a beginner knitter and need a little more instruction than that. Can anyone help me?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Finished back...on to the left front!

Well, I've finished my back. Sorry, don't have pics yet...soon!

One thing I've noticed is that while my length is spot on, my width doesn't at all match what the pattern says I should have. It's concerning, since I'm several inches more narrow than I think I should be, and I'm not sure if that will come out in the blocking or not.

Another thing I've been thinking about is making an alteration to the pattern and using buttons instead of a zipper. Anybody thought about that? I was thinking that if the bands were expanded by a row or three, I could work in buttonholes and use some small buttons. I'm not dead set against the zipper, but I prefer buttons...and I'm worried that using snaps will put a lot of stress on the yarn.

Ribby Colors

Got my yarn, here are my colors, allspice and goldenbark. I realized that I really suck at ribbing, so I'm starting another sweater project first for my daughter, Rowan Junior's "Faye."

Am I crazy?? Or is there an error in the Pattern?

So I've finished the back (photo later under natural light conditions if I can find the time).
Cast on for both front panels...
The question I have is:
1) is it just me or is what is called the Left Front Panel *really* the Right Front Panel, and vice versa?! - I ask this because the 2x2 ribbing is on the wrong side for that panels to be who they say they are in the pattern...if that makes sense
2) Anyone else have issues with w/ R1 of the front panels? I'm knitting the middle size...(40) and it states, cast on 54 stitches, but in R1, following the pattern, there are 58 stitches! No problem, I just deducted 4 stitches off the Purling before the K2P2 Ribbing....but I'd like to know I'm not crazy. :D
3) While I'm asking, just what *are* Front Bands?

Thanks in advance for the help! I appreciate it!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finished the back

I do not have a photo to prove it yet, but I am done with the back. Question: why should I bind off? I was thinking of leaving the stitches on hold and then proceed to the collar when I have all the pieces.

Finished Ribby

Thank you BonneMarie for the great pattern! I went with the all over rib and used seashell pink in the highland peruvian wool. I'm pretty happy with my end result, I was getting a bit frustrated with the zipper and my mother suggested I have a seamstress do it for me. Best advice ever, definately worth the few dollars she charged. You may notice on the arms I have a panel of stockinette, that's because I didn't read the part in the sleeve pattern that said to work the the rib pattern into the increases, it fits fine and its not as snug as I thought.

Peruvian Highland Wool Feedback

I was reading another blog somewhere (was it the Mariah KAL? don't remember), in which someone said their friend knitted a Rogue out of Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool and the thing pilled on the first wearing.

I would love to hear what the rest of you have experienced with this yarn. Not only am I hip deep in my first Ribby Cardi, but I just bought enough more to make another RC and a Mariah.

Any feedback yet?


About 12" up the back of my cardi, I realized something.
A very bad thing.

I messed up the ribbing at the bottom. I accidentally did 2x2 ribbing halfway through one section of the 2x3 ribbing. Oh. my. freaking. god.
I just pulled out the whole thing. Starting over now-- anyone else way back at square one?

I have to devote most of my knitting time in the upcoming couple weeks to teh lace scarf I am working on for my MIL, so my cardi won't complete until at least mid-February.

The only good thing about it is I'm visiting Scout and she has a ball winder for me to wind back up all my yarn!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Question about lenghtening sleeves

I'm making good progress on my cardi. I should be done with the knitting by this weekend. Here is my progress on the first sleeve. I was wondering how everyone is making the sleeves longer. Do I just add more rows before the sleeve cap shaping?

I also wanted to thank goodkarma for her suggestions on how to do the side increases on the sleeves. I think this looks a LOT better than my first attempt.'s Swap Center Works!

Some wonderful person actually read my post on's site. It's a swap center. I needed more Russet for my collar (4 balls in size 40/41 was not enough for the sleeves and the collar for me). I am sending her a small fee and she's sending me the yarn! I am very happy. :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Take 2 on Ribby Cardi Back Panel!

After my first attempt at the back panel of the ribby cardi, I was not too pleased with the seemed very "smallish"...this is take 2 using 5.0 mm needles instead of 4.5 mm. It feels better now and there's enough "stretch" in the ribbing for it to fit better. I may do the sleeves the mid-indigo blue as pictured to see how it "feels" with the redwood colour choice for the body. My Blog: Knit 'n' Purl Zen

Fronts Pic

Hello everyone! Thought I would post a picture of my fronts. Boy, that sounds a little risque - not *those* fronts. They look a little funky in this picture. Mainly because they have not been blocked yet and want to roll up in a little cylinder and because they're laying opposite directions. They really are the same size, I swear!

ribby fronts

I have actually completed my back and about half of the sleeves too but haven't taken pictures of those yet. Knitting the sleeves together is great! I don't know if I'd ever want to do them one at a time.

My only concern is that the specific blue and brown I chose may not look as good together as I thought. Only putting it all together will tell.

I'll post more pics when I take them!


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Hello everyone :)
I've just joined the knitalong, and plan to start my ribby today or tomorrow. My name is Donna, and I'm in Australia.
Originally, I bought the Highland Wool in Wisteria and Dusky Purple for my ribby, but when the yarn arrived, I didn't think there was enough of a contrast in the colours. So last night I stayed up until 1am to order some Eggplant. I will use the Wisteria for the body, and the Eggplant for the sleeves.
My blog can be found here, hopefully tomorrow there will be a lovely shot of a started Ribby! :)

Ribby is Coming Along

Grrl, it's hard to resist the deals at Elann! I did get the back complete on my Ribby and started a front piece. It's such an easy, enjoyable knit. You can see it on my blog. ;-) Ribby Cardi Yarn

The yarn is back up on if anyone needs any. Go here:

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm having a finishing party this weekend!!!!

Well am almost at the finish line with this, my very first sweater. I can't wait. Come Saturday I am going to sit down and try to sew the seams and put in the zipper. I hope I can do it.

Does anyone have advice for sewing the seams? I don't want to make any mistakes.


I need yarn...can anyone help?

I finished the back of my sweater (yay) and one sleeve (yay) and have started on the left front. I am using Dried Herb for the main color and Russet for the sleeves. I DESPERATELY NEED ONE BALL, ANY DYELOT, OF RUSSET. I used up 2 balls on the sleeve. I'm making the 40/41 and have long arms, but I only lengthened the arms less than one inch from what the pattern says. I talked to and they don't know when more would come in.

Anyone? Anyone?

The many uses of a row counting bracelet

So recently I have been making my own knitting accessories and the latest is this row counting bracelet which I have found to be very helpful with knitting the sleeves of my cardi. I use the small beads to mark what row I'm on in the 8 row repeat and then I use the large bead to mark how many increase I have done so far. This really helped me with the sleeves, at least with the counting.

I may have missed a post about this but how is everyone doing the increases? My selvage edge looks really horrible from changing up the pattern every time I do an M1. Should I try using a different increase or just not worry about it?

Edit: I just noticed the post below, that was a LOT of help. Apparantly I'm doing it wrong but I'm only on the 3rd increase so I'm just going to leave it. I don't think it will show and I'm too lazy to start over *smile*

I finished the back of my Cardi....

Back of Ribby Cardi 1/11/05

I may work on the sleeves now, just to make sure I really like the purple with the Dried Herb. I love seeing everyone's progress! Congrats to those who have finished recently! :)

20 more rows!

And I can start armhole decreases for the back. I swear. I've got to be the slowest knitter. I better get a move on or it'll be too warm for me to enjoy this sweater!! Thank goodness it's a knit for me, and not for a child...or they'd outgrow it before it was done!! lol!

Monday, January 10, 2005

M1 in Pattern?

Okay, I give up on trying to figure this out on my own. How in the world do you increase the eight stitches evenly "in pattern" across the sleeves? The way I figure it, I'm going to end up with extra purls or knits, which will change the ribbing pattern.

I don't know what I would do without you guys. :)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Posting Pictures

The trick to posting picture on the blog so that they are smaller and then clickable for a bigger size is to do this: (I put spaces before and after every < > so if you copy and paste this make sure you go back and take them out.

< center >< a href="http://your URL here" title="titla of your picture here" >< img src="Http://your URL here again" border="0" width="300" height="200" alt="title of your picture here" >< /a >< /center >

See if that works. Otherwise, please feel free to e-mail me for help! What this does is insert a picture that is 300 x 200 pixels high and then when you click it, it will being you to the URL and show you the bigger sized picture. I hope it makes sense!

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Put your mouse over the picture and read the title. Then click it. I changed this one down a little bit in size too.

Ribbi Cardi

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Okay, calling "Uncle!"

Well, I can use the excuse of not understnading computers for only sooo long before it starts to tick me off. Can someone look at my post below and tell me why my photo doesn't come up? I followed the steps on the "insert image" thing to the letter, and still nothing. Grrr.
I'm actually ordering yarn for another one of these cardis, so since I'll be around for a while longer I thought it would be nice to post a real picture.


Where I am still ..... still

Will I ever wear this thing?


~ Just started ~

I know that I am late but I am just getting started I will proably be the last to finipsh since I cannot knit very fast right now. But I hope to have some pics up soon!! More details on my blog.


That cardi looks fabulous - great job, Leah!

I'm still working away on the back of my cardi. I'm a bit concerned about the all-ribbed pulls in a lot, and I can only get the right measurement if I stretch it out a bit. Or do I need to worry? Will the blocking get the piece to the right measurement?

Whooo hooo! I'm done and I love it!

Finished Cardi

Wow. Finished, broke it in at a party, and I love this sweater. But, there were a few learning experiences along the way.

First. No wine. Bad idea = frogging.

Second. Don't clip off the top of your zipper (it was too long!) without knowing what you are doing and think that won't matter.

Third. If you do clip off the top of your zipper, have a really cute, creative idea in the back of your mind (and an extra zipper) to make up for it.

This was a great pattern, and a very fun knitalong. Thanks for hosting it, Carole. I picked up a few tricks from other people, and enjoyed seeing the different variations along the way. My daughter wants one now, so I'll probably be back with all of you soon.... Happy knitting everyone!

And if the picture doesn't show up (because I am computerly challenged) please see my blog. Leah

Friday, January 07, 2005

Stitch markers help!

Wow...there are some fabulous colour combinations out there. Good work, everybody!


I'm making good progress on the back. I've decided to go with the ribbed panel version, instead of the plain panel. I put a couple of stitch markers on - marking where the ribbing changes from 2x2 to 3x1. I've been working on this while watching season three of '24,' and the less I need to look down at my ribbing, the less I miss of Kiefer Sutherland and James Badge Dale, the better. As soon as I hit a stitch marker, I know it's time to change ribbing.

I just wish I thought of that when I was doing the first row of ribbing...the second row took forever...I had to keep counting to trying to remember where I was!

More Peruvian Highland Wool

Not sure how long it has been posted, since I just ordered yesterday, but didn't scroll down far enough on their preview page, to see that the most popular colors of the PHighland Wool is going on sale Wed. 1/12.....more cute colors! P.S. Also didn't realize that you have to "log in" to see the "preview" page.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


I cast on for the back day before yesterday.

I cast on for the two front panels yesterday.

And today, I cast on for the sleeves.

Now I'm done.

At least, I'm done casting on.

Here's where I'm at now:

All the parts are started.Posted by Hello

I finished up to where you change to the larger needles on all the parts. I figured it would be a good idea to do them as close as possible to the same time, so that my tension would be the same across all the pieces.

I'm not sure how much more I'll get done in the next week or two... my elann order came with most of the yarn I need to work on the things my family picked out of the Christmas gift catalog. So, I have obligatory knitting to do... two Sophies, a crocheted scarf, and a modified (greatly enlarged) Booga Bag. At least all of those are pretty easy, if time consuming. I still have to order the yarn for the feather and fan scarf my sister wants. hat one's going to take awhile, but I think I'll alternate with the Ribby Cardi once I get to that point.

And I want to make some thrummed mittens for my dad's birthday, which is a week from today (I'm not counting on getting them done on time, but I want to do as much as possible). Oh, and I've never done mittens before, let alone thrummed ones, and the thrummed mitten patterns I've found so far do not include instructions for a large men's size... nor do they say what exactly they mean by a medium men's... so I don't know whether my dad's hands would fit in the "medium" men's or not. Plus, the last attempt I made at knitting on dpns... well, no matter how hard I tried to make it so, the stitches between the needles were not as tight as they should've been. So, it should be interesting.

*sigh* I'd really rather just work on THIS project!

- Leisel

P.S. Can I overuse the word and or what?

Allspice and Goldenbark

These are my two colors I purchased today from, allspice and goldenbark, can't beat the price at $2.25 each. If I mess up and make totally screwed up sweater, it's not a huge waste of money.I hope the colors are true to their swatch and cute as their names.


For those of you who have finished the cardi, did you block at all? If so, how did you?

Just waiting on the zipper!

Below is the picture of my finished Ribby! I'm SO happy with the way this turned out. I did a lot of ripping and rework - and also holding my breath while did some changes to the pattern.

Here are some final notes on this project:

- I used the suggested yarn, but NOT at the suggested gauge. My sweaters fabric is a little less firm, but fits perfectly
- I'm tall(ish) - 5'10", so I lengthened both the sleeves and the body
- I used the Ribbed Collar - I like the way it looks a lot, even adding a little stripe of the sleeve color to pull everything together.
- I'm already thinking of making this sweater again!

Glad I was a part of this KAL!

Thanks gals for all your help along the way.

Finished Ribby Cardi! Posted by Hello

Hello, hello!

Hi everyone, I've just joined, and I cast on for Ribby on January 1st to welcome in the New Year :D My colorway can be seen here. I must admit, I must be the worlds slowest knitter - I've only got the first 4 inches of the back done! And I'm hoping the back flares out to meet the schematic measurements (yes, I swatched) because the ribbing for the bottom is quite a few inches short of meeting what the drawing indicates.

You guys who are done, excellent job! What an inspiration :) This will be my first proper garment (I don't think I should count felted slippers :D)

Knit on!

Getting ready to start!

Hi all,

I'm about to start the Ribby! I'm even on gauge with the recommended needle size (rare for me), and will probably cast on in the next couple of days.

I'm doing it in Peruvian Highland Wool (yay Elann) - a grape heather body with (and I hope I don't regret this...)forest green sleeves. Actually, after seeing some of the fun combinations you all have come up with, I'm feeling pretty good about my combo.

Pictures to follow when I have something more interesting than a gauge swatch!


We have 60 61 participants in this knitalong! When I started it, I honestly thought maybe I'd get 10-15 people in on it. How cool!
I &hearts knitalongs!

Question about snaps?

Just wondering if anybody has gone the snaps route with the cardi?


Hi everyone!

Checking in...just finished seaming the whole thing, and that went quite well. Im doing the collar right now and was wondering if anyone else is (or has) done the full collar. 5.5 inches seems awfully long, but I'll play it by ear and see how it goes. I think I will like the way it folds over and covers the neckline/shoulder area. I plan on wearing it on Saturday, so expect a full picture soon!

And, I hope it's going well with everyone else. It's a really fun pattern.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Neck edge revisited

I've finished knitting up all the pieces and put them together to start blocking, however this is when I noticed that neither my right or left front neck edge is long enough when I attach it to the back piece. I ripped back to where I started binding off on the neck edge and now it's too long. Sigh. This neck edge is giving me such grief. How is everyone doing the neck edge and arm decreases? When you get to the last few stitches you can't decrease both at the same time anymore so do you only decrease once? Any suggestions?


I had to alter the pattern

Wow... that makes me feel like such a grown-up knitter :)

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to do the long-tail cast-on with a purled row to give me the edge I liked.

I realized as I started knitting the pattern that the first row listed is intended to be a wrong-side row. Oops! That's not going to work with the wrong side already established by the cast-on and purl row. So, I added a row 0... just a reverse of the listed row 1. Not a big deal, but I thought the information might be useful to anyone who planned on using the same cast-on method I am.

- Leisel

just joined

Hello all! I just joined the kal, its my first one and I'm very excited!
Here is the back

I'm using pottery red and mocha cream. I used 7's and am not estatic about it. I may end up redoing it.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Having finished my latest obligation knits for my parents, I'm ready to start my Ribby Cardi. The yarn has been sitting in stash, waiting and waiting....

I went with Redwood and Malt Heather. I'll be swatching tonight (oh, please, let it work out on the first try!).

Getting Started

The last two weeks of the year I finished a few things, including another sweater and then started on my Ribby Cardi January 1st. It's fun knitting so far and easy, too. You can see a pic of my colors and the start of my ribbing in my Photo Album. It's fun to see so many people knitting up Ribby quickly and the finished sweaters are really looking good. This is the type of knitting I love to do when visiting with friends as it's easy to do. This will be the type of sweater you wear all the time...a classic.
Knit on!


The Long-Tail Cast-on it is

I knew I wouldn't be happy just guessing which to use, so I swatched each of the cast-on methods I was thinking of.

Posted by Hello

From top to bottom, we have the tubular cast-on, the cable cast-on, and the long-tail cast-on.

The stretchiness of the cast-on edge also goes from top to bottom, and although the long-tail cast-on is not nearly as stretchy as the others, it's still rather stretchy.

For my swatches, the tubular cast-on just looks so loose and messy. I don't like it at all. Knitting off the cable cast-on gave me looser ribbing than knitting off the long-tail cast-on. Admittedly, I was having trouble with tension while I knitted it. For some reason, despite this being my 3rd swatch of the ribbing, I couldn't keep any tension on my yarn while I knit, and I have no idea why.

I had to do the long-tail method twice. The first time, I did the first row after the cast-on in the 2x2 rib, but started with the wrong side, since the long-tail method essentially gives you a first knitted row. I didn't like the ribbing coming right to the edge of the fabric, so I re-did it with that first row just being a purl row, and then starting on the 2x2 rib after that. The edge looks much more professional.

In the end, the swatch I did with the long-tail cast-on just plain looks the best, so that's what I'll use for my Ribby Cardi.

And although my swatches might turn out different than anyone else's, I hope this little experiment might be helpful to others, as well.

- Leisel

Need yarn for the Cardi

Hi. I just joined the group. My name is Liz, SAHM to two little ones, and I just taught myself to knit about six months ago. Glad to be here!

O.K. So on to the cardi. I need to buy yarn for the cardi. I looked at elann but the colors that are available aren't exactly appealing to me. I am not sure what would be a good yarn to use for this pattern. I want something that isn't too itchy, and I really want something in a Chocolate color. So please help me out here. I want to start on this yesterday :)

And one last thing... Once I start this cardi, beware. I am the question Queen.


Starting over .... me too

Maybe you guys remember that I said that I went up a needle size to get the right gauge. Well, I did not like the result I was getting, the thing looked too thin and flimsy, so I decided to go up a size and go back to needle #7. I started over on Sunday and I'll have a photo of my progress this weekend - I only take photos during the weekend because I want to use natural light and I have no time in the morning before going to work. Yes, break is over and I am back to work :-(

Just a few things I wanted to share...

I'm about 9-10" into the back of my Ribby. It's going along pretty smoothly. I'm glad I've read everyone posts so I knew to check the sizing to make sure it would fit. I didn't even bother with 7's and went right into Addi 8's. I'm doing the size 38 and would be so sad if it didn't fit! The other thing I did was measured another cardi I have that looks like this:

Old Navy Cardi

This is a good 15" before the decreases and I'm going to do that with my Ribby. (Instead of the recommended 13") I think the arms are long on it too so I'll do similar measurments on my Ribby since I like how this purple cardi fits me. If anyone wants any other measurements from it I can do that too.

Finally, here is mine so far with a better picture of my yarn. I hope to get a bunch more done today!

Ribby as of 1/4/05

Monday, January 03, 2005

what else are you knitting?

Is anyone else juggling more than one project? I started my cardi a couple days ago, but I am only about 4" up the back, because I'm also working on a lace-pattern scarf from Scarf Style for my MIL's birthday and a little hat from Last-Minute Gifts for a friend's new baby. Oh yeah, and then there's the job-- that interferes too, of course. Oh yeah, and the kids. I just need more time in a day!

Decrease Question

Hello again! I've gotten used to the splitty wool-ease and have finished my left front and gotten to the decreases on the Right Front.

My question is a very basic one but as this is my first sweater I think it's valid. It says to work the armhole and neck shaping on the Right Front the same as the Left Front, reversing all shapings and doing a K2TOG instead of an SSK. I assumed this to mean that on the RS I would work all stiches as they appear until the last four stitches and then K2TOG and K2. Is this correct? So far it doesn't look quite right.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Sleeve question

Hello. I've completed the back of the sweater, and have decided to knit the sleeves for a change of pace. However, I had to frog my first attempt because the increases looked crappy. Are the increase stitches supposed to be knit, or worked in pattern? I don't know how I should incorporate them into the past and future sleeve ribbing.

Please help.


Strike up the band, I'm done!

Hooray! I finished my cardi! I am really really pleased with it. My mom is going to put in the zipper when DH and I go to Atlanta this weekend. She sews and I don't! Here are some pics -

I may lengthen the sleeves a bit, but I am going to wait until the zipper goes in.

I thought it was fun to knit, and pretty easy as well. I think I may have to knit another one when I make a little more progress on my other projects.

~ I am getting a bit of a late start ~

Well it seems that I am getting a bit of a late start I do want to say that I think that everyone's looks wonderful so far I hope that mine will as well. My yarn shipped out on Thursday so I am hoping to have it pretty soon so that I can get started.
I have decided to use these colors:
and or I might use this pink instead I have both coming and the one I don't use will be for another project.

Either way I cannot wait to get started thanks for letting me join this knit along!

Nearing the finish line

Hello All!

After ripping out both my front pieces, I'm close to finished! I have all the pieces done, and need to sew them together. Right now, everything is blocking. I did the seed stitch edging, and decided it need some quality blocking time.

I did make a stop at my local Joanne's to find the right zipper. They have very lame zipper color choices. So, I went on-line, and found a bunch of different zippers, and ordered a few last night. Hopefully, they don't take too long to get to my doorstep.

Tonight, I'll sew the sews up and hopefully finish the collar. I've already decided to do the ribbed collar... but I was originally thinking of doing the whole thing in the sleeve (darker color). Now, after seeing a few finished ribbi's here, I think I'm going to do it with the main body color, and then finish it off with a little stripe of the darker color!

Started Again....

I decided to put the Raspberry away for now. I just couldn't decide on sleeve colors and it was driving me crazy! :) So I started again in Dried Herb...

New Ribby Cardi as of 1/1/05

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do Eggplant for the sleeves...


I also decided to go up a size. I was doing the 36/37, but it was looking a little small, so I'm now doing the 38/39 and I think it's going to fit just right.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

fyi-- second admin

Just to let everyone know, I have made my dearest friend, Scout, a blog administrator, so she is another person you can contact if you need help posting, including pictures, etc.
Thanks for helping, Scouty!

I need a little help!

I'm almost done with my cardi! Hooray!

But, I have a question. I'm having issues with the neck. I can't figure out what to do with the neck edge. Here is what it looks like -

Do I sew the pointed part back over the green part of the sleeve? I'm tempted just to take it out and do the collar, but I figure there was a reason why I knitted it that way, I just can't figure it out!

Thanks yall!



For anyone who has a livejournal I created a syndicated feed so you can get updates on your friends page if you want. Here's a link to add it.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

It's Complete

It's complete!! I finally sewed the zipper in the way I like it. The trick was to use the zipper foot for the sewing machine!! What a genius I am.

Final thoughts: I made the sleeves longer, which was a good thing. I don't have long arms, but I noticed the pattern sizes were not going to cut it. I wish I had maybe made a size up. It is very fitted for a cardigan and a little shorter than I would like. On Bonnie Marie's site, she mentioned using snaps--maybe the next one I can do with snaps instead of wrestling with the zipper. All in all I like it. It was an easy, inexpensive project that I would try again! Good luck to everyone else!!

Project notes:
Yarn: Elann's Highland Puruvian Wool in (3075) Antique Blue and (294) Chocolate
Needles used: Denise Interchangeables
Gauge: 19 sts/ 24 rows over 4” Stockinette Stitch using #7 / 4.5mm needles


I am amazed at some of the finished products here! It is so fun to go back and see how everyone's sweaters are going. I've finished the back and one sleeve, and it is a really fun knit. With a busy schedule at work this next week, I hope to have this done by next weekend.

Loving the pattern though, and it's really cool to see all the different color choices people are using. My daughter wants me to make the next one out of black and white, and I keep telling her that there are so many other colors to choose from. And, for the record, I'm really liking the Peruvian wool from It's really pliable and forgiving (important!) and at that price you just can't go wrong.

I did lengthen the sleeves though. I have really long arms, so right before the shaping part, I kept knitting until it was 19 inches. I figured I can roll up the cuffs if necessary, but one of the best parts about knitting is that I can finally make things that fit my Olive Oyl body!

Happy New Year everone!